The Balm Overshadows

The Balm Overshadows

Hello Lovelies!

The weather has been pretty nice to be lately, so I have actually got some half pie decent photos to share with you. Damn stupid Auckland weather *mutter mutter* Today I am going to share with you the Balm Overshadows.

I’ve had these pretties a while now and have only just got round to swatching them. I brought them from nzsale for about $ 12.00 NZD each, they cost $15.00 USD from the Balm’s website. Here’s what the Balm website has to say about them:

Meet the first finely milled, all-mineral shimmer designed to go over eyeshadow. Apply to the lid to transform the most subtle daytime shadow into nighttime shimmer.

How to Apply
Using your Give Crease a Chance brush, apply overshadow to your lids for a soft, blended shimmer, or apply wet for rich pigment.

TheBalm Overshadows BoxesLeft: No Money, No Honey Right: Work is Overrated

I’ve kept the boxes because they look cool! Read more