D-Tangler Hair Comb

D-Tangler Hair Comb

Good Evening!

Today’s post is all about my brand new D-Tangler from Via.

I am trying to grow my hair, but like most people once it gets long I fight the battle against horriffic knots and split ends. I had read somewhere that a Tangle Teaser promised to comb your hair, but without the damage. I unfortunately can not afford a Tangle Teezer in New Zealand, at $30 odd dollars it is not something I am willing to take a chance on. However another brand has brought out something similar that only costs $17.

I came across the stand of the D-Tanglers at a Life Pharmacy. They had a variety of colours, but I picked up the mirrored gold one. It is a smaller comb that suits me just fine with my little hands. Also means it travels well in my handbag and doesn’t take up too much room. Though, if you get a mirrored one like mine keep it away from your keys so it stays nice looking.D-Tanglr

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