March 2016 Round Up

March 2016 Round Up

Good Morning Lovelies,

How was your Easter Holidays? I have been swimming, baking and generally taking it easy. Its that time again! I have had quite a number of products I have been trialing and thought I would roundup some of my faves for you.

Lets take a look at what has been on my face and skin for the last month!

March16 RoundUp

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Black Robin Skin Care

Black Robin Skin Care

Good Evening!

How has your week been?

Today I want to share with you a new skin care range called Black Robin. Black Robin is a New Zealand made skincare range which is animal friendly, natural and gentle. The ingredients list is not a mile long and easily understandable. What is even better is the price tag, with the most expensive product priced at $16.00 NZD you can afford to get a few (or even all of them *need*).

Now lets talk about the packaging, if you have been following me for a while you will not how much I love packaging. The tubs and bottles are simple and classic with pretty labels. The sample bottles (I was lucky to get samples too :3) are cute too!

There lists of products are:

Hippy Shake Shake Rose Hip Moisturiser $16.00 NZD each.

Whole Lotta Rosie Refreshing Mist Toner $16.00 NZD each.

The Real Peel Sugar Scrub $11.00 NZD each.

Tingly Bits Sugar Scrub $11.00 NZD each.

Dragon’s Blood Hand and Body Cream $13.00 NZD each.

Peppermint Hand and Body Cream $13.00 NZD each.

Lucky Lip Scrub in Marshmallow, Black Cherry, Sour Cola and Peppermint. $6.00 NZD each.

I was lucky enough to have scored some samples for Whole Lotta Rosie Refreshing Mist Toner and Tingly Bits Sugar Scrub.

BRS Samples copyI have been using my samples for two weeks now and I need to get the full size. I have such super sensitive skin and these products are so gentle and smell amazing.

Whole Lotta Rosie:

The Whole Lotta Rosie Toner is an amazing addition to my care routine. I wash my face, dry it, spritz on some Whole Lotta Rosie, let it sink in and then add my moisturiser. I find that my face gets very dry and raspy after I wash it and sometimes moisturiser afterwards just doesn’t cut it. I also have very sensitive skin, which is easily aggravated so I don’t often go near anything which says “toner” because they usually dry my skin out even further.

Before I started using Whole Lotta Rosie I looked into toners, because I was a little worried about using something that may strip my skin of all that is bad and good in it. Supposedly there are several different types of toner that range from heavy duty oil strippers to face refreshers, just all using the word toner to describe them. How did I not know this? The super duper drying, stinging ones usually have high alcohol content, whereas this product is alcohol free.

When I used this that horrible, stripped dry feeling vanished and my skin felt refreshed.I found that my skin looked brighter and clearer while using it. I suffered from no skin irritations when using it (I even got some in my eye and it was really no bother).I also smelt pretty damn good too. The smell is really nice, crispwith a hint of rose and it is not over powering.

What I was also impressed with, was how 10ml lasted me just over two weeks while being used two times a day. The full size bottle is 100ml so in theory should last twenty weeks. I may be a little heavy handed so it might even be even longer than that. Not bad when 100ml costs $16.00 NZD.

I will definitely add this permanently to my morning and night skincare routine and will be making an order next pay day for my very own full size bottle 🙂

Tingly Bits Sugar Scrub:

BSR scrub

Omgosh! First of all the smell!! Its the most amazing, true peppermint smell. Its not overpowering, just refreshing. Then when you use it you get that nice, just brushed my teeth tingly feeling but on your skin (not in your mouth). That cool tingly feeling lasts for a good wee while after your shower too.

You really don’t need a lot of this scrub, as a little goes a long way. The coconut and grape seed oil help to spread it all about as well nourish your skin, so you aren’t left a dry, crispy mess afterwards. Even better is because it is made with sugar and not little stones, its very gentle. No nasty little stones scratchy your skin.

I found that I could use this scrub a few times a week instead of the usual once every two weeks. My skin felt smooth and soft with an amazing tingly freshness. I will also be purchasing myself a full size tub of Tingly Bits, which is $11.00 NZD for 150 grams.

So if you are after some lovely, inexpensive and gentle face care make sure you stop by Back Robin Skincare’s website and have a look. At this time Black Robin only ship to New Zealand and Australian addresses, you are free to contact them to find out about shipping internationally.

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ MaSucree