Karen Murrell Lipstick in Sugar Rush

Karen Murrell Lipstick in Sugar Rush

Hello Lovelies!

I have something super exciting for you today. I have been sent my first press release sample to review, Karen Murrell’s new lipstick in Sugar Rush. Sugar Rush is due out on shelves today at most of your local Pharmacies, Health Food Stores and online (New Zealand only, sorry my international readers, but I think the online stores ships internationally) for $29.95 NZD. You can find more information about Karen Murrell products and stockists at their website.

About Sugar Rush:

Karen Murrell’s groovy new lipstick colour Sugar Rush is a bright candy pink, inspired by the days of disco when everything was all about being super cool, hairstyles where larger than life, colours were psychedelic, and glitter seemed to be everywhere!

So lets have a look!
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