MAC Prep and Prime Skin

MAC Prep and Prime Skin

Good Afternoon!

How have you been? I am at home today trying to get rid of a possible cold before it turns into the plague. The weather has been forgiving enough for me today to get you some photos of my recent purchases.

Where to start with this beauty? So I’ve recently decided to make the switch to M.A.C. cosmetics as my base makeup. It is something I have been thinking about for a while, because M.A.C. is not cheap here in New Zealand. I think for me the reasons to change to M.A.C. are I’m sick of having makeup that is close enough. Sometimes I’m lucky to find a brand that has a foundation light enough for me, but even then they’re usually the wrong tone. Then they don’t last very long or they dry my skin out. Then goodness forbid if you want to ask they lady behind the counter about one of the products. When I walked into M.A.C. to pick up Ronnie Red when the Archie’s Girls collection was released I was amazed at how well they new their collections. The staff actually seemed interested in helping me out.

I took the plunge a few weeks ago and went and looked at their foundations and was impressed at the variety and the interest from the staff to help me find the right product for me. When I asked about a primer that would go with the Pro Longwear foundation and concealer I was purchasing the M.A.C. lady was able to instantly come up with two suggestions for me and help me then narrow it down to one.

The Primer I came away with was M.A.C.’s Prep and Prime Skin.MAC Prep and Prime Bottle

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