Melt Cosmetics – Belladonna 2 and By Starlight

Melt Cosmetics – Belladonna 2 and By Starlight

Good Evening!

I have been busy this weekend swatching up a storm today. My light cube and lamps seem to be working really well. It doesn’t really matter now what the weather is doing outside, which makes it so much easier to keep up with blogging. Except of course when my kitten takes over my light cube -_-

Today I have for you my new Melt lipsticks in By Starlight and Belladonna 2. Melt is known for their awesomely coloured matte lipsticks. They have Blow which is a beautiful dark green lipstick and blow which is a epic dark blue lipstick. I am just waiting for them to get back in stock :3 I also have my eye on Shady Lady, a stunning pink.

Melt BoxesThe boxes are pretty cool, but a bugger to take photos of XD

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