Birthday FOTD and M.A.C Lipstick All Fired Up

Birthday FOTD and M.A.C Lipstick All Fired Up

Hello Lovelies!

It was my Birthday yesterday and I thought I would share with you my make up (and hair). I had such an amazing day and I was so very spoilt by all my family.

All Fired Up FaceI finally am a step closer to getting my vintage curls under control. I love how you can see a bit more of my pink and purple 🙂MAC All Fired Up LipThe lipstick I had on was M.A.C.’s All Fired Up from the Retro Matte range. I am a huge fan of Ruby Woo and we I put this on and discovered it was the same finish I was in love….and of course wondering what else came in this finish XDMAC All Fired Up Side LipIts not pink and its not red. Its beautiful 🙂

A warning though, Retro Matte finishes can dry your lips out, so make sure you lips are in tip top condition before you put it on. They are awesome at staying on all day long though. Another awesome thing about this lipstick? Its a permanent lipstick in the MAC range, which means you can go get right now.

Anyway thought I would share just with you my lipstick and awesome hair.

Have a good weekend and thanks for stopping by!

❤ MaSucree

Australis Velourlips Matte Creams

Australis Velourlips Matte Creams

Good Afternoon Lovelies!

How has your weekend been?I have been at home sick -_- Not much use without a voice. It does mean I have had a bit of time to watch movies and play around with my new lighting set up. I managed to get my hands on a light box and a few desk lamps. Nothing too fancy, but a lot better than waiting for the Auckland weather to be good.

So! Today I have for you some swatches of the newish Australis Velourlips Matte Cream Lippies. I ended up with four out of five, the nude one calls to me because I love to have the complete set of things, but I don’t really wear nude lippies, especially matte nudes.

So lets take a look!

Australis VTop to Bottom: Ny-cee, Rio-d, Mal-i-boo and Tok-i-o Read more

Sleek Lipstick in Papaya Punch and Stiletto

Sleek Lipstick in Papaya Punch and Stiletto

Good Morning Groovy Darlings!

Time for some lipstick to brighten up your day. Today I bring you Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Papaya Punch and Stiletto. These little cuties were brought at the same time as my Au Naturel i-Divine palette and are my latest addition to my ever growing lipstick collection. At first I freaked a little cause the cases were so small compared to the rest of my lipsticks, but packed inside is good amount of lipstick and they’re also amazing colours too!

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