October Round Up

October Round Up

Hello lovely people!

November already I have to start thinking about Christmas. Scary thought right?! I didn’t branch out too much in October with products to try, so this month’s round up is kinda small. Now that Expo planning and study is all done for the year I can dive back into my pile of products that need reviewing.

October Round Up

Left to right: Mane N Tail Creme Therapy, Oasis Beauty Rhino Repair, L.A. Girl Super Mega Mascara and .

Mane n Tail Herbal Gro Leave-In Creme Therapy
– $6.76 NZD
– Available from iherb (international)

I use this for a few weeks after bleaching my hair to try and convince it to like me again. It is very thick, so you do not need much, but it does spread very evenly through your hair. I have very thin hair so if I wasn’t careful I could over do it and drown my hair in product. It is great at smooth frizzy hair and making it look a little more human if you have stripped it with too much bleach *guilty*. I also use it when my hair is super thirsty. As I mentioned my hair is very thin so I do not use this too much, if your hair was dryer or thicker you may be able to use it more often. I like it, but I do not think I will replace it once I am done, I will look for something else to try.

Oasis Beauty Rhino Repair
– Sent for Review
– $39.90 NZD
– Available from

Where has this been all my life? I have crazy sensitive skin and I suffered through a year of eczema taking over my arm over and over again. I could have really done with this. I am currently fighting some on the back of my knee (??? why the knee I don’t know) and this helps so much! It relieves the horrible itchiness and by the end of the day it has reduced the little bit of swelling and rawness. Now if I could just remember to apply it more than just in the mornings I am pretty sure it would disappear completely *lazy beauty blogger* I also use it on my feet when they get dry, its fantastic for that! Almost over night repair ^_^ Its full of such goodness. I am not a big fan of how it smells, it is not nasty just not mine, but its benefits are so great that I over look it.

Other suggested uses (that I must give a go):

  • Aftershave or waxing balm
  • Takes the burn out of sunburn and heals itchy bites
  • Intensive hair conditioning treatment

I will be buying a tube if this regularly!

L.A. Girl Super Mega Mascara in Dark Brown
– $13.99 NZD
– Available L.A. Girl USA (US), NZ L.A. Girl (NZ), Love My Makeup (NZ), Beauty Bliss (NZ), Beauty Joint (International), Unichem (NZ)

This was such a surprise. I had thrown on my makeup that morning and forgot about mascara so I ran down to the chemist by work and picked up a cheap mascara. It turned out to be great! I didn’t even check what colour it was still today, turns out its dark brown not black XD Best $13.99 mascara ever! It has a really even and light application so you can really layer it up. The brush is also just a bog standard brush, but it works well. I think it makes my lashes look great! I would definitely buy it again, especially for how cheap it is.

Brush Egg
– $1.80 AUD
– Ebay Seller Geekwarehouse1

This is just a cheap knock off of other brush cleaners I have seen and I am kinda glad I didn’t pay for a fancy pants one. I don’t use it, it sits in my makeup drawer getting in the way. Don’t get me wrong, I tried hard, really hard, but it just doesn’t work for me. I prefer to use my hand to work in the cleaner into my brushes and it seems to work just fine for me. I would encourage you if you have been thinking about getting one, maybe trying a cheaper one first to see if it will work for you. I am pretty sure though that all the more pricey ones are just marked up versions of these though 😉 Maybe one day I will try again.

What did you try in October? Anything amazing? Anything you wondered what you were thinking?

❤ Miss T