Makeup Of the Day 16th June 2016

Makeup Of the Day 16th June 2016

The last few weeks have been quite tough, I have been stuck at home watching bad romance movies and playing too much World of Warcraft. Yesterday I gave my hair a bit of a trim and treated my skin to a face mask or two and slapped on some makeup. I wanted to share with you my Makeup of the Day as I was quite pleased with how it turned out.

Not the most glamorous of faces, but not bad for my first face full in two weeks. I am really pleased with how well the my eye makeup turned out, the eye shadows really made my green eyes pop and Miss Manga Mascara is really growing on me, look at the my eyelashes.

Scroll down for the full break down on what I us

How has your last few weeks been? What have you been wearing on your face?

❤ Miss T
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