MAC Lipstick in Salon Rouge

MAC Lipstick in Salon Rouge

Good Morning!

So lets get something out of the way…. MAC!!! GAH!!! I LOVE IT!!! I ADORE THE SMELL OF A NEW MAC LIPSTICK!!! SQUEE!!

Ok so that’s all done I can go on to my post. MAC released their Holiday Collection and I was restrained and didn’t buy anything…then I went in store and saw all the pretty packaging then I gave in and purchased Salon Rouge from MAC’s Heirloom Mix collection. We all know I am a sucker for cute packaging and this collection had it in abundance. The lipsticks from this collection came in black tubes with silver glitter embedded in it, the box also matches.

And theeeeen I bought the red lip bag which is on its way from the US at the moment. It all just goes down hill from one lipstick… oh well at least its gorgeous 😉

Check it!

MAC Salon Rouge Packaging 2

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