Lime Crime Serpentina and Hollyglam

Lime Crime Serpentina and Hollyglam

Good Evening,

Today’s post is all about green lipstick. Green is my favourite colour and ever since I found out that Lime Crime had a green lipstick called Serpentina I have been itching to get it. The thing with Serpentina is that it is usually in stock no where! Like no where at all! I may have sobbed a little bit. However I found out that for Halloween last year that they were releasing it again. One of my bestest friends brought it for me for Christmas, she knows me so well :3 I have worn it quite a few times to work and each time I get a heap of questions.

Before I got Serpentina I brought my self Hollyglam which is a Lime Crime Carousel Gloss. Hollyglam is still wildly available and if you would like one you can pick it up from Beauty Joint. It is a different shade of green, still dark and with glitter. I still love Hollyglam, but Serpentina will always win. XD

So take a look at both of these pretties and don’t be afraid of how very green they are.

Lime Crime Serpentina and Holly Glam Cases

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