OPI Jinx

OPI Jinx

Good Afternoon!

How has your week been? My has been busy; I flew down south to watch Mr Gabby’s graduation parade and after that we have done nothing but watch movies and go shopping all weekend. It was awesome!

So my post today is all about Jinx from the OPI‘s Bond Girl Liquid Sand Collection. Usually I do not do textured polish and I had been a bit meh about OPI’s previous liquid sands. However when I was out with Mr Gabby he thought the colour was pretty bad ass, now when Mr Gabby likes a polish I don’t argue and I just buy it. And I’m really glad I did, because Jinx is gorgeous!

Have a look at the photos (there is a few of them cause Jinx can be hard to get photos of) and I’m sure you’ll need it too!

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