The Body Shop Banana Truly Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner

The Body Shop Banana Truly Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner

Finding a shampoo and conditioner combo that does everything I want has been quite the trial. Especially since I am constantly changing those needs. As a self-confessed hair abuser, I literally bleach, dye and cut my own hair. Its shorts, its long, its dark, its light, its dyed pink. At times my hair has born the brunt of that and been not just a little damaged, but a lot. I also have lots of thin hair that tends to be oily if looked at wrong and doesn’t hold a curl.

While I was spending some time a more natural colour and not allowing bleach near my hair I decided I really need to spend some time and money or making sure my hair had the best treatment.  Now I picked the Banana Shampoo and Conditioner from the Body Shop purely because it is banana scented, aren’t I just the best beauty blogger XD BUT I ended up finding one of the best shampoos and conditioners I’ve used in a very long time. I’ve used it for a year and I’ve gone through so many bottles!

BS Banana Shampoo and Conditioner Bottles EDITEDDescription: Enriched with real banana puree from Ecuador, this cleansing shampoo is irresistible. Use daily to gently cleanse your hair, leaving you with beautiful results.

THE SMELL!!!! OH! MY! GOODNESS! It is the most amazing smell! Body Shop needs to hurry up and deliver the Limited Edition Banana range to New Zealand so I can just be a banana pudding from head to toe. You know that Banana instant pudding smell we used to eat as a kid? THATS THE SMELL!! I love it!

Besides smelling amazing, it has actually done wonders for my hair. When I first started using it my hair short and incredibly damaged. I had maybe had a few cms of undamaged hair at my roots, but even then it felt dry and raspy :/ I noticed a difference in my hair texture after the first wash, the damaged areas looked smoother and the overall texture improved. Within a month my hair felt new and improved, it looked so much nicer and I felt like I could wear it out instead of clipping it back. Now 8 months later my hair just brushing my shoulders, back where it was a year ago before I stopped bleaching. Pretty much all of the damaged bits are gone, not that you can see them anymore as my hair is smooth, thicker and just looks fantastic. I have even bleach my hair recently and I felt no change in texture.

As someone with thin hair that gets oily quickly, I was concerned about that fact this shampoo and conditioner were designed for normal to dry hair. I used to have to wash my hair every day and I managed to stretch it out to two, now it is every three days. This is paired with styling my hair as well. I just adore the fact that this makes my hair feel clean as well as smooth and lush. Also, I have recently returned to having pink hair and this combo seems to help maintain my colour, I don’t have nearly as much dye wash out and it just stays looking amazing.

How can I not go on and on about this shampoo and conditioner combo? It smells great, keeps my hair in amazing conditioner, extends my hair colour and is all around just amazing for me. My one minor issue is I can not get bigger bottles XD

If you suffer from any of my hair woes, I would recommend trying The Body Shop Banana Shampoo and Conditioners, not only will you smell amazing, you may just discover your next hair savior!

❤ Miss Teigs

Shampoo: 6ml $7.00, 250ml $19.95, 400ml $29.95
Conditioner: 6ml $7.00, 250ml $19.95
Body Shop Website



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