Maybelline Tattoo Brow Gel Tint

Maybelline Tattoo Brow Gel Tint

I love having my brows filled in and on point, it helps me feel like I am pulled together and polished. However, sometimes I just don’t feel like the whole process or I fluff around too much in the morning. Peel off brows that promised to stay around for a good few days were something I started seeing pop up on youtube, so when Maybelline brought out their own version and made it easy to find in good old NZ I grabbed a tube and dived in.

Maybelline promises to: “Maybelline Tattoo Brow is a game-changing peel-off gel-tint that leaves brows perfectly defined and evenly filled for up to 3 days.

At first with the size of the brush and thickness of the gel I was a little worried it was going to be unwieldy. It was a lot easier to apply that I thought, the brush was actually perfect to use and the gel stayed where I put it.

So the application was a lot easier than I thought, but what I learnt as I continued to use this product was that thickness of the product and the amount of time you leave on effect how dark and intense the colour is. Above is a relatively thin layer and the recommended twenty minutes from the tube. It still looks pretty good, but it is great to have the ability to control the intensity.

In this photo set, I have a thicker amount on and left the product on for a good forty minutes while I was putting on my makeup. So feel free to play around with the length of time and product amount to get the look you are after.

I like to apply this in the morning when I was putting my face on for work. I would put it on, have breakfast, make lunch and put my makeup on and the last thing I do is peel them off and head out the door. I only came close to walking out the door with the gel still on once XD It also dealt very well with having foundation and concealer applied overtop to make sure there was no unseemly line without foundation.

The peel-off process could be a little touch and go sometimes. Sometimes I could get it all off in one clean peel and other times I had to use a spoolie brush to help it along. Nothing too bothersome and it only hindered the process by mere seconds.

Wear Time:
Now wear time, did it actually last the promised three days? The first-day intensity did fade of course, but I had tamed, filled in brows for about three days. As the days wore on I just filled them in with some brow mascara. I did find that if I used a solid or oil-based makeup remover that I had less control over what part of my face it smeared over and my brows faded more rapidly. Makeup wipes were a lot easier to move and avoid my brows with and meant it lasted longer. It all makes sense of course.

Buy Again?:
Would I repurchase? Yes, its great for busy weeks, or to remove one less step from your routine and it looks great!

Have you used any peel off makeup? What do you think of peel off brows?

❤ Miss T


Maybelline Tattoo Brow Gel Tint
– $24.99 NZD
– Available from Farmers,, Kmart, anywhere that sells Maybelline

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