Lush To The Rescue

Lush To The Rescue

WARNING: Long Post ahead – I couldn’t reveiw all these products separately as they work together, so have an essay.

TL;DR: Lush products helped me to get my over bleached hair back in order without over moisturising or stripping colour. I used Veganese Conditioner, Jason and the Argon Oil Shampoo Bar, Hair Custard Hair Dressing, No Drought Dry Shampoo and Sunny Day Hair Styling Spray. Go talk to your Lush peeps for help!

~~ Post Time ~~

Confession Tiiiiiime! Last time I bleached my hair, (you already can guess where this is going) I fried the hair on my temples T_T I put it on there first and took too damn long putting it on the rest of my head and fried it and now have some short wispy hairs there. Also braved leaving it on everywhere else and my hair came out very thirsty. See, I talk from a place of experience…really really recent experience XD If you’re interested in reading my learnings on bleaching and dyeing your hair funky colours check out my two posts here and here.

So I dyed my hair bright pink, (it was the plan), pink is so much easier to live with, especially when you are trying to be nice to your recently abused hair XD.  You already know that I love Lush products as it is, but I went into my fave branch and asked for some help. While I cried on the shoulder of the sympathetic, mermaid haired Lush lady, she listened to all my hair woes and helped me pick some products. I needed something that would nourish my poor hair, but without making my thin, oily hair more greasy than it can get, while also preserving my bright hair colour.

Veganese Conditioner
I have actually reviewed Veganese before and I love using it so much that I had to get the big 500g bottle. It is a very light conditioner, I had thought about getting a slightly heavier one, but I just couldn’t with the smell of the next step up. My wonderful Lush lady recommended I increase the conditioning properties of my shampoo and even try a hair dressing. So I took her advice, see further down for my review of her suggested pairings with Veganese.

We already know I love Veganese, but here is why. First of all, it smells amazing, a lovely mix of lavender and lemon and it is not over powering at all. As I mentioned it is the lightest Lush shampoo and it is very runny. It can be a little easy to use too much of it as I found it did not have the usual conditioner feel when running it through your hair. Don’t be fooled it is there, I try and wring as much of the water out of my hair before applying it to make sure it doesn’t thin it out any further. I try and leave it in my hair as long as possible so that my hair can absorb as much of its goodness as possible. My hair feels super soft after using it, but without weighing my hair down.

Tip: I sometimes use Veganese instead of shampoo. Especially if my hair is thirsty or if I don’t wanna strip too much colour out of my hair after I have dyed it. You can not do this more than once in your hair washing regime as it is still a conditioner.

Available in 100g, 250g and 500g bottles.

Jason and the Argon Oil Shampoo Bar
Any hair product with oil in the name leaves me a little concerned for my hair, but my Lush lady reassured me I would be ok. This shampoo bar is designed to strengthen hair and leave it soft and shiny, all the while smelling like Rose Jam one of my favourite scents.

It is very easy to use, rub it around on your roots until you feel like you have enough and then use your hands to lather it up. It lathers super duper well, as I have dyed hair a little does come out, but not nearly as much as I have had wash out with other shampoos. It leaves my hair feeling clean, but without stripping it.  I was impressed with how it cleaned my hair, nourished it, but did not make it feel like an oil slick or over saturated.

Tip: One of the plus sides of using a shampoo bar is there is no packaging, down side is it can melt a little in the bathroom. Use the lid of a round Lush tin and take it out of the bathroom and leave it somewhere to dry in between washes. This is also a good tip for any soap or anything in bar form.

Hair Custard Hair Dressing
This has a very similar smell to Let the Good Times Roll and as my hair moves about it gently wafts about it. It is designed to be to improve the condition of your hair and keep static and frizz at bay. Instructions suggest putting it in your hair damp and blow drying it out, including on your roots (insert horror face hair), but my wonderful Lush lady suggested just the end of my hair with some crunching or fluffing motion. We even did this in the store together and I was impressed how it helped the little bit of bleached induced frizz I have at the ends stay in place and look a lot less horrid.

A little bit goes a long way and I haven’t even made a dent in the pot. I use this both with my hair down and up in various styles. It is pretty good at keeping my hair in place with the various twists and styles I do. It smooths it out and holds it in place, but with out overdoing it or making it look glued together.

No Drought Dry Shampoo
I’m pretty sure I am one of the few people to have gone through one bottle of this and on to a new one. When I first got it I thought there would be no way I could use up that much powder in its given best before time frame, but here I stand champion of the No Drought.

So No Drought is a dry shampoo in powder form, you sprinkle on your roots, either directly or with your hand. I like to start of brushing my hair out and then sprinkling the powder on my roots and using my fingertips/nails to work in it. I have short hair so a good amount ends up everywhere on my hair and it doesn’t dry it out it gives me full on volume, especially when I put my hair in Victory Rolls. It also does not leave white powder everywhere and blends in seamlessly without dulling my vibrant hair colour.

Tip: Never forget the underside or the back of your head.

Not Pictured – Sunny Day Hair Styling Spray
I don’t know why I didn’t take a photo of this one, woops! Anyway, Sunny Day is designed to keep frizz at bay, especially in hotter weather and help it stay where you want it and look smooth and glossy. I grabbed this with the intention of using it on my damp hair to help detangle it after washing it, keep the frizz at bay from my slightly thirsty ends and help with further conditioning my hair. I ended up using it for both dry and wet hair purposes, dual purpose yaaaaaay!!

This was a great detangler and it helped fight the frizz even before it began. When my hair was still in the early stages of fighting the over bleaching I did to it, this helped around the temples to calm the frizz down. It’s also been great just to smooth out my hair on a standard day to day usage, it’s winter hair in NZ so my hair can get very thirsty even without bleach XD I have already used up one bottle of this and have started the next one.

With Our Powers Combined…
Heres a picture of me living my best hair life with all my gorgeous new Lush products in and my latest pink and purple hair colour:

I think I have reached an awesome point where I have products that are all just perfectly balanced with one another. Designed to clean, but not strip out much-needed moisture in the ends or remove my beloved pink hair dye. Designed to nourish and restore hair, but directed in the right places and without losing volume. Designed to smooth and hold with out clumping or making my hair limp. And then to also extend the time between washing without the word being able to tell.

I have used all of these products together with a lot of success and have managed to get my hair back from the brink. Please do keep in mind I was close to really damaging my hair but hadn’t done anything major that couldn’t be fixed or cut off. I have actually been keeping a very rigid trimming regime up to make sure any truly straw like ends are gone. I also take precautions to not over brush my hair or use hot irons on it and I haven’t even looked at a bottle of bleach since the infamous bleaching incident. All of the above has helped, but Lush is what I believed saved it and has encouraged new healthy hair to grow. If you really have fried your hair, products will help the appearance and encourage new growth, but trimming is what truly gets rid of the straw like ends.

Feel free to pick and choose items from my recommended Lush hair products that would suit your own hair woes. What I really recommend is popping into your Lush store and spending time with one of your local lovely Lush people and getting some item combos best suited for your hair. No product is an Island and you will have better luck in getting your hair goals achieved with the right ones paired together.

Go forth and conquer and live your best hair life.

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ Miss T

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