Kat Von D Underage Red

Kat Von D Underage Red

Red lipstick has been a huge part of my look and collection since I first started wearing makeup. It was the first “grown-up” lipstick I ever purchased and is usually the first shade I will buy from a new range or brand. Red lipstick makes me feel powerful and confident and there is usually a shade for everyone.

When I heard about Kat Von D naming a lipstick “Underage Red” I have to admit my eyebrows raised a little. When I then found out why she named it that, I knew I had to have it. Read her full Facebook Post here on why she named it so. Underage Red is named for that first red lipstick you buy, the super bright, fire engine red one you slap on to get yourself into parties and gigs when you really shouldn’t be going. It’s that nostalgic shade that as soon as you put on you remember that feeling all those years ago of being unstoppable.

So without further ado lets see how Underage Red looks and performs.All of the Studded Kisses lipsticks come in the awesome black tube that is of course studded. The tube is very sturdy and has survived many rounds in my handbag. I also love the KVD monogram embossed on the lipstick itself, it made it very hard to want to use the lipstick.Left: No Flash Right: Flash

Underage Red is the perfect matte, but not flat fire engine red. It has been a hard shade to photograph correctly, so I have included both flash and no flash swatches of it. It really is a lovely red and I have found myself reaching for it several times in the last few weeks. It goes beautifully with a minimal makeup look as well as some of my fuller faces. I do tend to leave my eye makeup simple when I wear red lipstick, but this goes well with some winged eyeliner.

I found the Studded Kisses formula wonderfully easy to apply, with sharp lines, almost instant colour pay off and despite being matte it did not cling to any dry bits. After applying like a dream, it then went on to last all day, with no bleeding, no smearing, and no colour alteration. and I really do expect a lot from makeup as I demand 12 plus hours with next to no touch ups and food and gratuitous coffee in between. I love being able to chuck this on, know I look good and know it will still be there at the end of the day.
Please excuse the phone quality selfie, it was the only good shot I could get of myself wearing Underage Red in the last few weeks XD

This lipstick has been the first Kat Von D product I have ever tried. Based on the quality of Underage Red I am very impressed and keen to try more lipsticks and other products. Thankfully Sephora has opened up shipping to New Zealand so it will be a lot easier to get my hands on :3

Have you tried any of the Studded Kisses lipsticks? How much do you love red lipstick?

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ Miss T



Kat Von D Studded Kisses Lipsticks
– $31.00 NZD
– Available from Sephora


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