Dyeing Your Hair Bright Colours – Things To Think About

Dyeing Your Hair Bright Colours – Things To Think About

Dyeing my hair has been a big part of my look since I was a teen. In the last few years, I have ventured into bright colours. I have had my hair all sorts, from blonde, brunette, black and then red, blue, purple and pink. Along with a combination of all of the above. I love dyeing my hair and the ability to change it on a whim. I thought it was about time to share with you some of the information I have found on my bright-haired journey.


Now I shape, trim, bleach and dye all of my own hair. I am no expert and I have had my fair share of hair mishaps/nightmares. An expert is always advised and if you are ever in doubt of your ability to do it for yourself then don’t touch your hair 😉 However, if you are feeling a little brave to do it for yourself and to rock the bright then here are some things you might want to know before you pick up the bleach.

Your Hair Will Not Come Out The Way You Think It Will:

Whether you dye it yourself or you get someone else to do it for you, your hair will not look like the Instagram and Pinterest pics you have saved. Your hair and the products used are different to the what was used in the pictures. Especially split dyed, dip dyed or multi coloured ones, they are hard to get right, especially when not done by a professional. Some pictures aren’t even real and they are photoshopped. Go into this endeavour with an open mind and a vague idea of what you would like, especially if this is your first time dyeing in a non-natural colour. It may even take a few goes to get it exactly as you want.

I have rocked a pink fade into blue and people have thought it looked amazing and complex, but it was literally the fact that I could not get the ends white to put the pink through without frying the ends. So I just put pink over top and rocked the fade into blue. Sometimes you will just have to rock however it turns out and not let the world know it was an accident 😉

Always Follow The Instructions On The Box:

You do not know better than the instructions, use bleach especially, as the instructions say. I err on the side of caution when it comes to how long I leave the bleach in, but never leave it in longer than the instructions say and do not get fancy with the mixing process. This will stop you from washing your hair down the drain.

You Will Get A Lot Of Attention:

Your hair is bright and it is not exactly the norm for some people. People will stare, people may even have something to say about it. One hundred percent of all comments I have had about my hair have been positive. I work in public service as a supervisor and you can see it surprises people, especially when they are being grumpy with one of my staff, but I have never had anyone say something negative about it. People do funnily enough want to give you advice about your hair, how you must be careful or you will go bald and even suggest colours for you to try next time. Even the old “Oh I wish I was that brave”. It starts a lot of conversations and at times this can be a little tiresome. I do not dye my hair for attention, I dye it cause I love it the colours and how it looks.

There Is A Lot Of Maintenance:

Some days your roots will drive you nuts and the barest fade in your colour will have you twitching every time you look in the mirror. Then sometimes you will enjoy your hair fading and love the changing colours and the roots will not bother you at all. Some people will also just care a lot more about keeping their hair looking fresh than others. Having your hair brightly coloured does come with a lot of upkeep and things to avoid/restrict to keep it looking good. Roots will grow out, the colour will need topping up, washing your hair will become a once or twice a week occurrence with special shampoo and conditioner. Swimming in pools will also make your weary and rain will make you a little nervous the day after dye day. I will be sharing ways to make all of this easy in another post 🙂


If I haven’t talked you out of it then grab the bleach (read the instructions), grab the dye and go for it. Rock your inner colours on the outside and have fun. Try and remember it is just hair and you can always fix it somehow and it will always grow back.

Keep an eye out for my other posts about dyeing your hair bright colours to give you some more info on your bright hair journey.

Thanks for reading.

❤ Miss T


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