Lime Crime Red Velve-Tin

Lime Crime Red Velve-Tin

A girl can never have too much red lipstick and too much liquid matte lipsticks. Over Black Friday it was pretty much all I bought…and I bought a lot of them XD Lime Crime was on my list and I had to indulge in one of their new Velve-Tin and of course it was the red tin 🙂


The tin is super cute and very sturdy and well made. I was super chuffed when it arrived!

Left to Right: Sasha, Red Rose and Jingle.


I knew they were minis, but I wasn’t ready for how mini they were XD However, a fullsize tube has 2.6ml in it and the mini has 2.07ml, so not a major decrease in product.lime-crime-velve-tin-swatches

Left to Right: Sasha, Red Rose and Jingle

Sasha and Red Rose are matte and part of the permanent Lime Crime range that can be purchased in full size, while Jingle is Metallic and can only be purchased in the Tin and in mini size.lime-crime-sasha-lipSasha – a toasted rose mattelime-crime-sasha-faceSasha is from the Girls, Girls, Girls collection of Velvetines and is super lovely. This shade is the stand out one from the tin for me, it looks great on, isn’t patchy and lasts all day.lime-crime-red-rose-lipRed Rose – a ruby red matte


Red Rose is a fantastic colour, but the formula lets it down a little. It can be a bit patchy and I struggle to get it to spread evenly. Besides that one little thing, it still holds up to the same standard as the others with how long it lasts.lime-crime-jingle-lip

Jingle – a holiday red metalliclime-crime-jingle-face

I have never tried a metallic liquid lipstick before, let alone such a bright one. I am quite pleased with how it looks and it is a fantastic Christmas colour and I wore it for a Christmas event at work. I did find that it did transfer a little and took a bit longer to fully set so that none of the lustre moved. It lasted really well all day and I wouldn’t mind trying other Metallics now.

Overall I am very pleased with the Lime Crime Velve-tin, the tin is super cute and currently has my hair ties and bobby pins rattling around in it. The Velevtines aren’t as mini as I thought and for $28.00 USD isn’t a bad way to try out three new shades. If I had the chance to buy from Lime Crime while the Velve-tins were still in stock I would love to grab the Fuchsia tin.

Did you grab anything from Lime Crime during the Black Friday Sale? Any plans for your Holiday party/event lipstick?

Take care and thanks for stopping by!


❤ Miss T

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