Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb Christmas 2016

Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb Christmas 2016

It’s my first Lush Christmas as a full blown addict and I’ve already hauled and then hauled again with a wishlist a mile long of all the things I need. Before I was able to get myself in a store the lovely in-laws surprised me with a bath bomb from Lush and it was one of the Christmas ones at the top of my list, Golden Wonder.
Golden Wonder looks like a lovely gold wrapped gift box with a cream bow tied on top. It’s actually quite large.

It was a little hard to drop it in the bath, it made the room smell so nice and I didn’t have the heart to use it, but I was strong, cause I knew that I would have quite a few more before Christmas was done :3lush20golden20wonder20bath201_zpslrt9qgl2
It fizzed really well and instantly surprised me with the fact that it was hiding a wonderful teal, blue inside, along with gold stars! Mine also had smaller balls of yellow and purple that were a little slower at dissolving and floated along on the top fo the water.
At first, I thought the little stars were solid glitter and was a little concerned about how hard they would be, but they dissolved into microparticles of gold shimmer. So very impressed with all the little details put into this bath bomb.
lush20golden20wonder20bath202_zpsnbtzv04hOrange and Lime oil create a very sweet, but refreshing smell that was very relaxing and helped clear my head without the smell overpowering me. My skin felt fantastic afterwards and I enjoyed lying back with a face mask on.

I felt guilty pulling the plug on this bath bomb, it was a quick favourite for me and is up there with my all-time fave Lush bath bomb Twilight. I will be buying a few of these to stick in my every growing Lush drawer(s) for those colder months when I need something decadent to relax in.

Have you got your eye on anything from the Lush Christmas 2016 collection?

Have a great week!

❤ Miss T

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