Lush Roots Hair Treatment

Lush Roots Hair Treatment

I have been fighting thin, prone to oily hair since forever T_T  I can’t touch or brush my hair after I have set it in the morning and I can’t even look at hair treatments. I kind of just gave in to the oily, limp look, but once again I have been rescued my the Lush fairies with Roots Hair Treatment.LUSH Roots

“The root to great hair starts at the scalp: we’ve used mint in three different ways to stimulate the scalp and hair follicles. We follow this up with conditioning and strengthening extra virgin olive oil, honey, and balancing nettle. The delicate, cheering perfume comes from a blend of neroli, grapefruit, and sweet orange oil. Apply to dry hair, starting at the roots. Massage into the scalp and leave for 20 minutes.”

Roots has a really nice thick, paste like texture. It is so thick in fact that once you take your dollop out of the pot it settles back down with almost no trace any was taken, save a few lines where your fingers ran through. I just love the texture, its fascinates me XD The smell also reminds me a lot of peppermint green tea.

Now the product needs to be massaged in to the very roots of your hair while it is dry, this can make it a little hard with the paste like texture, but you just have to do it in segments. It does work in nice and easily, just getting it where it needs to be. I end up with it all over and it seems fine. I don’t think there is anything wrong with using it all over; with all the product I use its most likely good to give it a detox.

I generally use this twice a week when I have a face mask on and then I shampoo it out. My hair doesn’t feel over clean or stripped of its goodness afterwards and I just carry on my normal hair washing routine.

The next day my hair has volume; it feels soft and has little to no fly aways. If anything it’s harder to manage, because of the suddenly awesome texture it has, I don’t know what to do with it XD. I have used this for two months now with regular treatments ever week and I feel like it has really helped improve the condition of my hair and even the appearance. My hair looks less porous and thirsty and even sits so much better.

It has been awesome to use a product with my hair’s specific needs in mind and to have such awesome results. I will definitely be repurchasing Roots!

How do you manage your hair? Any tips for fine hair?

❤ Miss T


Lush Roots Hair Treatment
– $23.90 NZD 225g
– Available from any good Lush store or website



3 thoughts on “Lush Roots Hair Treatment

  1. Lush hair products are the bomb! Their No Drought dry shampoo is also amazing for limp hair – I use it almost daily before going out just to give my hair some extra volume and it works wonders 😊 Great post btw, I think I’m gonna have to get my hands on this

  2. I’ve been eying this one on the Lush website. I love Lush skincare products and only recently started checking out their other products. I ended up buying their Sugar Daddy-O Conditioner, which I use with my regular shampoo and it makes my hair so soft. For some reason I’m always afraid to to really thick, pasty stuff in my hair because my hair can be quite oily but I’ll definitely look into this one. Great review.

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