Freedom Makeup London Pro Eye Primer

Freedom Makeup London Pro Eye Primer

Eyeshadow is hard for me. Lipstick, contour, everything else I can do and if I may say so I do it well, but eye shadow some days I just can’t. I feel like I never end up with a good look. So for the last wee while my focus has been on mastering eyeshadow and bringing different colours and looks into my every day makeup looks. One of the things I have learnt while doing this is that you need an eyeshadow primer. I have used my Jordana eye primer off and on when I remembered, but when I got serious about upping my eyeshadow game I knew I had to start and eyeshadow primer hunt.

Freedom Cosmetics and Makeup Revolution are always the best place to start for me. In my recent haul from TAM beauty I slipped in a eyeshadow primer and hoped it would lead me down the path of fly eye makeup.freedom-pro-eye-primer-tubeThe tube is really cute and looks super swish even though the price tag is only $4.49 NZD.
It has a doe foot applicator that was a little heavy on the product, but then I had a revelation thanks to binge watching Shaaanxo. I dabbed a little on the center of my eyelid and then lightly spread it out over the whole lid. Genius! Not only does it not get too much product, but it sits better, doesn’t mess with the shadow colour and sets quicker.

It is tinted, which I was worried about. I had used a tinted primer back in the day and it messed with the eyeshadow colour, but this didn’t!

I apply this before putting  on my brows, as I said above I dab some on and blend it out. Leaving it to set a bit I do my brows and then start on my shadow. It allows it to get a little tacky and make sure there defintiely isn’t a chance of the primer and shadow mixing with one another to make a mess.

Left: No Primer Right: Freedom Makeup London Pro Eye Primer

For my test swatch to show you how it worked with bringing out the colour of eye shadows, I picked one of my loose pigments that is really hard to show its full glory unless you have an awesome primer. This is Shiro’s Lingered in Twilight from the Hobbit Collection, it is my favourite eyeshadow of all time, not the most wearable every day shade, but its beautiful! As you can see it does an amazing job of bringing out the true glory of the shadow and keeping all that poweder and shimmer where it is meant to be. In my journey for eyeshadow primer glory I realised that it is not only for increased wear time and less creasing, but also to help with application and to really bring the colour out. Thank you Freedom Pro Eye Primer!

So wear wise, this is excellent! I don’t even think about whether my eyeshadow is still there at the end of the day, because it always is! Why wouldn’t it be? Freedom has my back XD I have no creasing , no moving around and fall out is almost impossible, because my shadow whether pressed or loose just gets glued on my lid.

I don’t know what I did before this? It has given me the confidence to really try with my eye makeup, it makes the colours stand out, application is easier and I can not gush about this enough. I am going out to buy more tubes! $4.49NZD for such a game changing product? Yes please!

Do you have a product that has changed your life? What eye primer do you use?

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ Miss T


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