Maybelline New Face Products 2016

Maybelline New Face Products 2016

Maybelline has launched new face products left, right and center lately. With my weakness for foundations I knew I had to try the new Dream Velvet Foundation and then when they launch products together, you just have to get all of them together. Or you know just get excuses to buy more makeup XD So I purchased then Master Conceal, Dream Velvet Foundation and Master Fix Setting Spray.


Left to Right: Master Conceal in Light, Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation in 20 Classic Ivory and Master Fix Wear Boosting Setting Spray.

Master Conceal:

“Our formula camouflages imperfections and dark circles with ultra-resistant, full coverage but without detection.”

I was very impressed with Master Conceal, not only did it match my skin wonderfully, but it blended in seamlessly and effortlessly. It is very opaque, but with a lovely consisetency that is neither too thick or too thin. The dark  circles under my eyes were covered very naturally and any red spots or blemishes were covered without caking. It sets well and lasts all day without creasing or fading on me. I adore the finish and the way it applies, I will definitely get another tube.

Dream Velvet Foundation:

“Finally no more dry, powdery and rough matte foundations… Introducing Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation, our 1st hydrating matte foundation for 100% velvet-smooth perfection.”

I wanted to love this, I tried so hard. I found it thick and on the harder side to blend out on my skin, trying my best I always ended up a little patchy and using more prduct than I wanted. Because I always felt like I had to use more to get a better coverage, I felt a little cakey. On the off chance I could get it to do what I wanted it looked lovely on, but it never stayed that way. Even with all kinds of setting spray and primer it faded and in places around my nose,mouth and eyes just disappeared,within hours of applying. If Maybelline brought out a primer that matched this foundation (or if you know of one) I would try it again, but for now it sits at the back of my makeup drawer getting ignored.

Master Setting Spray:

“Fix the look you love! Fading Makeup is a thing of the past!”

I am neutral on this one. It seals my makeup really well and eve  enhance the finish of the foundation. It helps the  Dream Velvet foundation last a few hours more, but it is not the best I have in my collection. I have a cheaper one that does the same job. I won’t get it again purely because it does not wow me.

You can see that the foundation is a good base and helps fade some of the redness on my face, its still patchy. It when the concealer is applied you can see the real improvement. 

I know I expect a lot from my foundation and makeup, I demand 12hours plus out of it, but a few of these products didn’t even last an hour or two without wilting. So one love, one sad and one meh. Not too bad for new products.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think? Any hints or tips for the Dream Velvet Foundation. 

Happy Friday!

❤ Miss T

4 thoughts on “Maybelline New Face Products 2016

  1. I love the dream velvet foundation, I’ve been wearing it to work most days. I have dry skin so I like foundations with this texture. I think it looks good on me, it feels nice at least. I haven’t worn it for any mega long days but it looks fine from 8 when I leave to at least 6pm.

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