Lush 9 to 5 Cleanser

Lush 9 to 5 Cleanser

2016 seems to be the saga of the makeup removal for me. I have tried a great number of really good ways to remove your makeup this year, from cloths that just need water, cream cleansers, different Micellar waters and wipes. Each has there only awesome way of removing my makeup, but some have fallen down in other areas despite being amazing. None have truly swayed me to repurchase either because they still needed a lot of product or rubbing to get it to work or stripped my skin too much or couldn’t be used more than three or four times a week. On I went to find something bigger and better to help me remove my makeup.

Then along came Lush…
LUSH 9 to 5“Take the day off and brighten the skin with this almond oil and dove orchid cleansing milk, to soothe and moisturise. This is a loose emulsion with an exquisite blend of floral essential oils to brighten the skin, removing all dirt and makeup. We use dove orchid for its soothing properties, and almond oil to make your skin feel refreshed after a hard day.”

My Lush binging has made me brave to try new products in my skincare routine, especially with their huge range of products fine with sensitive skin. 9 to 5 is a super duper gentle cleanser with the idea of taking makeup off and nothing else, leaving you with happy skin.

I massage this gentley into my skin, maekup and all, even into my eyelashes (don’t get it in your eye, cause anything in your eyes will hurt regardless of how awesome it is, but it defintielty can get up close and personal). It doesn’t make as big a smeary mess as other cleansers do, which had me worried that it wasn’t dgging deep enough to get my makeup off. However I was greatly surprised that when I washed it off with a warm, damp wash cloth all my makeup was gone with no intense scrubbing.

After my makeup is all gone my skin does not feel dry and in need of moisturiser right this instant for fear of cracking. My skin looks like it has had my all my makeup and the dirt and worries of the day removed and is nor ready for some serum and bed time. I have used this every day for six weeks, when my skin was at its worst sensitivity wise and even blemish wise without it effecting it at all. I have never used a cleanser like 9 to 5 that I really could use every day.

This hasn’t got a very strong smelly if anything sometimes I don’t even notice any smell. It is very runny, but that makes it easier to rub in and get all over your face and neck without needing a heap. I am so glad that I got the big bottle as I really do love it and do not want it to run out any time soon. I am so very impressed that it is going on my repeat purchase for Lush…which is just getting bigger.

Long live the reign of Lush product wins!

What do you use to remove your makeup? Any Lush faves I should try next?

Have a good day!

❤ Miss T


Lush 9 to 5 Cleanser
– Website
– $19.90NZD 240g and $11.50NZD 95g
– Available from any good Lush store

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