Manuka Doctor Face Masks

Manuka Doctor Face Masks

This poor post took a back pedal when I had my bad skin reactiom a few weeks ago. So it has taken even longer for everything to get thoroughly reviewed. I have been lucky enough to have tried all four of the Manuka Doctor Face Masks, I have review two of them previously, but I thought I would bring them all together in one big post.

Face Masks have never really been a favourite of mine, I wind up being far too time poor to even remember to use them. I recently have started making time to look after myself and face masks have been a great part of this and have slotted themselves more naturally into my day than I thought. The Manuka Doctor masks have been amazing to work with and actually paired together better than I thought they would.Manuka Doctor Face MasksLeft Stack Top to Bottom: ApiNourish Rejuvenating Face Mask, ApiRefine Illusionist Rapid Lift Mask and ApiClear Purifying Face Mask.
Right: ApiClear Purifying Facial Peel.ApiClear Purifying Facial Mask 40ml
– $44.95 NZD

This is such a thick cream that you smooth over in a thinish layer and wait to dry. I had a little bit of pulling and in a few rawish areas some stinging when it first started to dry, but it stopped soon after. No tingling, no pain and no upset skin. It takes a little bit to wash it off, like normal masks as it is thick, but afterwards you skin feels so good! My skin also looks less dull and any blemishes on my face don’t seem to be as angry or take over my face like they did before hand. It also seemed to halve the recovery period of my pimples as well, they dried out and quickly disappeared as well without leaving any red spots for weeks after. It was recommended to use this once or twice a week, leaving on for 10-15 minutes.

I was quite impressed with how this worked, but I don’t suffer from pimples or break outs much (as soon as I write this I am gonna start breaking out now *sigh*), so I found I did not reach for this as much as I did the others, so I believe this would be better for people with more pimple prone skin. It was still good to have handy when I did. ApiNourish Rejuvenating Face Mask:
– $94.95 NZD

I really liked this one, but I had to admit the price tag kept me from using as much of it as I should have. It was beautiful to use and made my skin look amazing. It plumped up my skin and hydrated it so well my skin felt instantly smoth and nourished without adding a moisturiser. It worked a treat after using a cleaner to add back in that much needed moisture. I had just had a holiday. My makeup also went on so much better after using this mask.

This mask was awesome when I was treating myself to a bath, I slathered it on and left is on for 15-30 minutes. It recommends wiping it off and leaving what ever thin layer is on your skin on, but I washed it off completely just to avoid any possible irritation to my skin. I had none what so ever during the mask sitting on my skin, but I have just had to be a bit more careful with my skin recently. This is also recommended to be used once or twice a week and really does work better and the effects stay around for longer when I did.Apirefine Illusionist Rapid Lift Mask
– $44.95 NZD

I do not have a lot of fine lines…yet, but I do have a few areas that have been battered from eczema out breaks and never quite recovered. I was a little bit reluctant to try this on my skin at first due to how sensitive it has been lately, but this was so gentle! I found I reached for this again and again and had to stop myself using it every day. It is easy enough to get this one to spread without accidentally using a heap and it only has to be on for ten minutes, which makes it really easy to use during the week.

While I had it on I felt a warm feeling all over my face, not unpleasant and by no way painful, just warm. It washes off easily and leaves my skin looking so good! All signs of tired skin seemed to disappear right away and the small lines I had accumulated looked less worn in and barely there. It felt like my skin had a few hard yards taken it off it.ApiClear Purifying Facial Peel 100ml
– $45.95 NZD

Now this one was fun to use! It is very tacky and applies very thick, but sets and you can peel it off. This one is designed to work on blemishes and pores, as I said I am not too worried about blemishes, but pores are a problem for me. Nothing heinously scary, but I can see the blackheads on my nose. As this sets you can see the literal gunk being pulled of your pores and settling into the mask. Its quite cool to watch and doesn’t take too long for it to set and you can peel it off. Now make sure you avoid your eyebrows, hair line and delicate undereye area. Any hair or delicate skin will be pulled when you peel it off and it is not a nice feeling and you can lose some hair if you are not careful. I did get some sick pleasure out of pulling it off though XD

I had no problems with this aggravating my skin, but my skin did feel a little parched after using it, but a good moisturiser helped that out. My skin felt so soft after using this and after continual use my pores looked smaller and less nasty. I did find that I did not reach for this one as much as it is on the messier side. Once a week was all I could managed at one point.

All of these masks used together really worked well. One day peel off face mask, another rejuvenating and then another the rapid lift. Using them together and the recommended amount of time each week really improved my skin texture and appearance quickly and made me feel more confident about having it out in public with no makeup on it.

Manuka Doctor has really impressed me with their products recently and their face mask range is no different! If I had to choose just one to buy it would be the Apirefine Illusionist Rapid Lift Mask, it worked ss well for me and was nice and easy to slot into my routine, I think I am fast becoming a face mask convert!

Have you tried any Manuka Doctor Products? Do you find it hard to work new products into your routine?

Have a great day!

❤ Miss T

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