Lush Bath Bombs Volume One

Lush Bath Bombs Volume One

If I could only ever buy one thing from Lush it would be their Bath Bombs! Close second would be their Jumping Juniper Shampoor Bar. Lush Bath Bombs are such a great pick me up, if you just have $10.00 or so in your pocket to endulge yourself with, they are a great way to make yourself feel pampered. I may or may not have bought pretty much all of the ones in stock at the moment and have been slowly reviewing them all for you. Here are the first four for you!LUSH Bathe Bombs Volume OneLeft to Right: Sakura, Sex Bomb, The Experimenter and Space GirlSakura– $6.90 NZD
Sakura is such a pretty looking bath bomb and I had hoped it would be equally as pretty when added to my bath water. However it quickly disolved, it fizzed out some white forth and that was about it. It smelt slightly floral, not like Cherry Blossoms, with a slight citrusy smell that reminded me of the smell you get when a warm wind blows through a lovely garden in summer. It wasn’t a very strong smell, but I kinda appreciated that. It was quite nice to just relax in a gentle bath with an equally gentle smell. Sometimes you need a gentle bath bomb.The Experimenter
– $10.50 NZD
One side pink and blue the other gold and white with mixes of vetivert, tonka and vanilla to create both an exciting to watch and smell.  I found it quite relaxing and it helped relieve my aching muscles and might have even been considered quite a sensual smell if I hadn’t been blissing out over how it relaxed my sore back XD. I would definitely get this again.

The colours fizzed out in a rainbow of hues and mixed to make quite a compex deep, blue, green colour.

Space Girl
– $ unknown (discontinued)
I didnt even know it was discontinued! Who knew what wonders my in laws made happen to get it for me for my Birthday! This one was not a big fave of mine as it didn’t have the strongest of smells and just lightly tinted the water purple. It had a fruity blackcurrant smell and felt lovely and soft, but it didn’t excite me. Ah well, still a lovely bath none the less.Sex Bomb
– $6.90 NZD
So the whole aphrodisiac side of this bath bomb I can not comment on as the first time I tried this bath bomb I didn’t know that we had run out of hot water (cause Mr G had used up all the hot water) and I jumped into a very pretty, but very cold bath. So I don’t know if the sensual part of this bath bomb worked on me or not XD When I finally got a warm bath with this bath bomb I was too busy relaxing and enjoying it to notice XD It smells amazing! All sweet and floral with Jasmine- clary sage and ylang ylang.

The water went bright pink and the rose on the top floated around for a bit and gently disolved. I have already repurchased this a few times already!

So one I can not buy anymore, one I wouldn’t go out of my way to get and two that I adored and would definitely buy again and again. Not bad!

What Lush Bath Bomb is your favourite? I wish they would do an awesome black one, like that video I keep seeing pop up XD

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ Miss T

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