Vaseline Spray Moisturiser Deep Restore

Vaseline Spray Moisturiser Deep Restore

Saaaay what?!

Yesssss spray body lotion!

I totally suck at remembering to use body lotion, especially now that it is Winter. I lived in hope that the supposedly easy to use and speedy spray body lotion would change me for the better.Vaseline spray body lotion

First of all stand on a towel to use this, cause if you have wooden floors like me a certain amount will land on the floor and at some point you will go for a skate. The instructions invited me to spray myself much like one would with body spray when we were a teen, I tried it and much like when we were a teen with body spray it all ended on the floor and behind me. So I tried the same distance but aiming it at the body parts I wanted it on, this worked better. It did take a few tries to cover myself correctly and not everything else in the bathroom.

Next I noticed it was cold. Its Winter in New Zealand at the moment and it was just too cold for me! I had to really pluck up the courage to use it. So I think my hope of it making it easier for me to remember was a bit too hopeful. I think in Summer when it is warmer this will work so much better for me, but right now I don’t use it cause it is cold T_T

When I did use it, it was great. It was super light and easy to rub in and made my skin feel good. I took to spraying it on my legs in the morning before I went to work as it was quickly absorbed and helped kept the winter, scaley skin at bay. The legs were also easy to bare in winter compared to the rest of me.

Would I try it again? Yes! I’m lazy and this appeals to me so much. There are a few other brands who do spray body lotion so I will try them as well. Its a little too cold for this time of year and I am a wuss to apply to anything other than my legs. I will try spray body lotion again in Winter, cause I’m sure the cold spritz will be helpful XD

Have you ever tried spray body lotion before? What did you think?

❤ Miss T


Vaseline Spray Moisturiser Deep Restore
– $10.99 NZD
– Available from Pak N Save(NZ), Countdown(NZ) and Life Pharmacy (NZ)

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