NYX Hot Singles Eye Shadows

NYX Hot Singles Eye Shadows

NYX has been in New Zealand for a while now and finally brought more stands to more Farmers. I may have endulged…rather heavily at my new local stand XD I I picked up quite a few things, some of them were the Hot Singles Eye Shadows. I have never tried these before, so I was I tried to get a range of colours.NYX Eyeshadow Open 2

Left to Right: Gold Lust, Cupcake, Heat and Fetish.

They are such beautiful shades! I was a little unsure on whethere Heat would look good on me, but I couldn’t leave the store with out it!Left to Right: Fetish, Gold Lust, Cupcake and Heat.

Fetish is such a brilliant dark purple! That shimmer is everything! Its beautiful with Cupcake and Gold Lust!

Gold Lust was so much more of a perfect gold than I thought! It looks good with all of the colours I got and would look great all over or as a pop of colour.

Cupcake was another one I worried about, I thought it would be another pale matte that just disappeared on my skin, but is a uber pale mauvey pink that is soooo good. I’ve been using it all over my lid and it blends really well with Fetish and Heat, but would go well with just about any colour in my collection 🙂

Heat, I don’t know how I could have ever doubted it! Its such a brilliant colour, its a little duo chromey and just makes my green eyes pop. It looks wicked with Cupcake and Gold Lust.All over and Inner corner: Cupcake
Centre: Gold Lust
Outer Corner: Heat

(Look at my lashes!!!)

I have worn this look so many times since I got my NYX shadows! The colours are so beautiful and quality of the shadows are surperb, especially since they only cost $8.95 NZD each. They blend so well, the pigment is amazing and they last all day long. I just want to go back and buy more colours! I would love to try Bad Seed, Coquette and LOL.

Have you tried any of the NYX Hot Singles Eye Shadows? What shades would you recommend?

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ Miss T

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