Lush Jumping Juniper and Veganese Conditioner

Lush Jumping Juniper and Veganese Conditioner

Shampoo and conditioner has always been something I have faught to find the right one for me. I have thin, limp, prone to oiley hair. Now that I have stopped dying my hair I thought it was time to find something that helped deal with my hair woes. Having dyed hair, especially funky colours always made it hard, because I also didn’t want something that stripped the colour our which clarifying shampoos can do.Lush JJJ and VeganeseI have been on such a Lush binge lately and the instore staff are always amazing for recommending products. A lovely lady at my local Lush recommended I try the Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar paired with Veganese Conditioner.Jumping Juniper is meant to look after sensitive scalps, give shine and lift. With natural ingredients like: Perfect for when hair needs a really deep clean. Juniperberry, lavender, rosemary , Lemon and lime oils.Veganese has lavender, lemon, lanolin and agar seaweed gel in it to give your hair some love without compromising volume and oil balance.

My hair still has a little bit of blonde that I am growing out that is the last of the bleach damage. It is prone to getting a little raspy and needs constant conditioning to look any good, which then adds to the limp factor. Jumping Juniper really cleaned out the excess oil in my hair, but without stripping it. You can always tell when you hair is too clean when your comb makes thay horrible noise as you run it through. I didn’t have any of that at all. When my hair dried even without blow drying it was so lovely and soft, but with a lot more body. One thing to note, keep your Jumping Juniper or whatever shampoo bar you use dry and it will last for longer. Even though I have the circle Lush tine to put it in I still make sure it is dry and the tin has no water in it.

I started using Veganese two washes after starting Jumping Juniper as I was still on the condition every other wash. I barely used any and ran it through all of my hair bar the roots,but I did get quite close to them. I always let conditioner sit while I wash my face and the rest of me to give it time to work it’s magic. Even rinsing it out I could feel the difference in my hair. It really looked after it without compromising the volume I desired. I still only condition my hair every other wash, just as a prefernce, but I didn’t have much less volume when I conditioned every wash. If I want to condition more I sometimes use Veganese first and then Shampoo it works just as well 🙂

My hair has been so light and oil free I am still as a loss of how to style it as it is so different to what I am used to. Even the blonde bits I’m growing out look healthier and even less brassy. My hair lasts all day without getting stringy and limp. I haven’t braved a second day without washing just yet, but will try it over the weekend.

I am so very impressed and am already planning on buying another Jumping Juniper to make sure I don’t have a moment without and I already went back after having a tester of Veganese to get the 250g bottle.

What do you do to keep your hair under control?

❤ Miss T

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