Freedom Makeup London Pro Studio Solid Brush Cleanser

Freedom Makeup London Pro Studio Solid Brush Cleanser

Ugh brush cleaning T_T I am so bad at it, since I discovered brush spray I have been getting myself through too many days before cleaning. Despite having several products to help me do the job, I never seem to have the energy to put my self through it and my brushes never are clean enough. I know its better for me and my brushes, but I just don’t wanna!

Freedom Pro Studio Brush Bath is hopefully going to be my saviour. Come into my life and make me clean my brushes and sort myself out.

Freedom Brush Cleaner Tub

But seriously look how big that tub is! Its 100ml of solid brush cleaner.It took me a little bit to actually wanna mess up that pristine surface XD

Directions for use:
Wet your brush and swirl gently over the top of the product and get it all good and soapy and then rinse it out. No massaging in product or funky mats or burnt fingers. I use hot water (if that is a brush cleaning sin please let me know) as I find the cleaner and makeup residue comes out better. If the first soap and rinse doesn’t get everything give it another swirl and rinse.

Let’s have a look at how it went on my hardest brush to clean, my foundation brush.

Before:After:The brush still had a slight tint to it, but I have used and abused it for over a year now so I never expected it to be brand new looking again. It did get a lot of product out and my brush looked and felt so much better when I nexted used it.

The Freedom Brush Bath also worked wonders on my blush brush, contour brush and various eye shadow brushes. It look less effort than the foundation brush to get them all clean.

This product was so much easier to use than standard brush shampoos as I didn’t have to massage anything into, which always takes longer and I didn’t have to get my hands wet or cooked from all the hot water. I am far more inclined to wash my brushes when I should as it is so much easier and the Brush Bath works so much better!

You need this in your life! I would buy a back up, but I don’t think it will be running out anytime soon as the several washes of all my brushes haven’t even dented it yet. A must have!

What do you use to clean your brushes? Do you hate cleaning them too?

❤ Miss T



Freedom Makeup London Pro Studio Solid Brush Cleanser

– $12.58 NZD
– Available from Superdrug(UK), TAM Beauty (INT)

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