Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipsticks in Rebel Red and Nude Flush

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipsticks in Rebel Red and Nude Flush

I have adored matte liquid lipsticks for such a long time and have been so pleased that some easier to find brands have been launching their own. Maybelline has had their Vivid Mattes out for a while now, but it has been quite hard to get one as the stand is always empty. I was lucky enough to be taken out shopping for my Birthday and the lipstick Gods smiled on me that day as there was a full stand of Maybelline. I picked up Nude Flush and Rebel Red.Maybelline Vivid MattesI like the square, solid look of these tubes, very chic and stand out compared to the round shape you usually see. Also super easy to find in my drawer of chaos…I mean lipstick XDRebel Red is such a brilliant red.

Nude Flush is that soft pink I have been loving so much lately!

The first thing I noticed was how highly perfumed they were, it was not what I had expected. The smell is not really my kind of smell and was a little odd until it faded. Because it was on my mouth I felt like I could taste it??? It also hurt sometimes if my lips were dry.

Now these are not like Jeffree Star’s or Lime Crime’s liquid lipsticks, they do not fully dry. I expected them to maybe be a little moussey like the NYX Cremes, but they were straight up a matte lip creme. This did mean they did not have the same longevity as those types, but they stay around in perfect order unless I ate or drank. Because they did not dry it did make them a lot easier to touch up though. I didn not experience any drying of bleeding.

I love the colours and the formula and non drying side did not bother me as much, but I find I do not reach to wear them because of their smell. I feel really saddened by this as I love the colours.

Have you tried the Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquids? What did you think?

Happt Friday!

❤ Miss T

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