Big Sexy Hair Powder Play

Big Sexy Hair Powder Play

I have thin hair that has the tendency to get oily quite quickly, it has doesn’t like staying in place for very long, all of this leads to my hair never having enough volume. I also wash my hair at night so I usually wake up with my hair having a mind of its own the next morning. I had heard about the Big Sexy hair range through a few hair tutorials and have slowly been trying different products as I get my hands on them. The hair powder was appealing as I hoped that it would not be oil inducing due to its powder form and went on your hair once it was dry.

Big Sexy Hair Powder Play

The package is quite small, but is full with product and you do not need much, remember the idea is to add volume, not make your hair gritty. It has a shaker top, which is very controlled and distributes evenly. I tend to put this at my roots and only have it in the area I want volume; I have quite short hair at the moment with all my length on the top so I do not need it everywhere. I then brush it through and style my hair how I want it. I believe you could shake this on all of your hair and not just the roots for a full on volume look, but I will report back to you once I have longer hair.

As soon as I start to brush it through my hair I notice a difference, my hair doesn’t sit flat against my head and brushes into place easily. The overall look of my hair is smoother and more matte. As the day wears on my hair is easier to put back into place and does not get as oily as it would without the product in it. This works a little bit like dry shampoo for me, I really enjoy how my hair looks using it.

During the weekend I leave my hair alone and don’t wash it for a few days. I would normally turn to dry shampoo to get me through the weekend, but I have been using this instead. For me it seems to be working better, but on day three not even dry shampoo and the hair powder will save me. I usually give in on day three. I do find that I can only use it once as dry shampoo or else the product does start to build up and my hair get a bit gunky.

This is amazing to get my hair that perfect swish!

What do you use to manage your hair?

❤ Miss T

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