Lush Cosmic Gift Box

Lush Cosmic Gift Box

The amount of Lush in my house is ridicolous at the moment. Mr G and I (well mainly me) fully jumped on the Lush bandwagon. I have fully changed all my skin and hair care over to Lush, I have bath bombs and soap coming out my ears with extra to spare XD So Tuesday is going to become Lush Tuesdays so I can slowly review all the new products in my life and share them with you. Cosmic Gift BoxI picked up another Lush Gift Box, this time it is the Cosmic Gift Box with Intergalactic and Twilight Bath Bombs in it. Bath Bombs are my new fave and I may have more than I should XDIntergalactic Bath Bomb:
I have never bathed in water that was such a brilliant shade of dark blue. It was that wonderful shade of dark blue that the night sky is often portrayed as and with the glitter swirling through it definitely looked like stars. I was completely mesmerized by the colour.Photos are a mix of flash and no flash.

All the smells of Intergalactic were amazing with just the right amount of peppermint. It was very relaxing, but I did find that I did not feel as well washed after this one, all the things in it left my skin feeling smooth and well looked after, but not as clean as I would like.

It was not my favourite of the two, but it was lovely and I would get it again. I think next time I will stand up to get myself all clean and then lay back and soak or even try it over the weekend when I am less inclined to need a good scrub.

 Twilight Bath Bomb:
Twilight started out a turning the water a pale pink and then the core added pale blue to turn it into a gorgeous lavender with just little hints of glitter. It was amazing to watch and I enjoyed watching all the colours mix.Photos are a mix of flash and no flash.

The bathroom smelt so amazing and lavender did a great job of relaxing me and loosening up my tired muscles. My skin also felt really good afterwards without feeling overwhelmed with oil.or glitter. I am pretty certain it also helped me off to sleep as well.

Twilight was my favourite and I would definitely get it again. I have actually bought and used this three more times since I purchased the Cosmic Gift Boxes.

The Cosmic Gift Box works out roughly the same as the bath bombs, but I purchased as on the day I was in store they were out of quite a few bath bombs and it was a good way to try them.

Have you tried any of these two bath bombs? Do you have any recommendations for which one I should try next?
❤ Miss T

2 thoughts on “Lush Cosmic Gift Box

  1. I love love LOVE big blue! It is one of my favourite bath bombs I’ve ever purchased out of lush and it’s a product I always repurchase without fail when I’m in the shop. It smells amazing and with real seaweed floating around the tub it makes you feel like a true mermaid!!

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