Fighting Sensitive Skin

Fighting Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is something I have faught my whole life. My skin is prone to sore, dry bits on a bad week and then can also experience full blown swollen, dry, itchy, crispy allergic reactions. I usually keep this all under wraps by avoiding anything that makes me react in such a way and only using gentle products on my skin.

I had quite a bad reaction last week and even a little bit of this, while cleaning mould off a wall and woke up the next morning with a swollen face and neck. Scary enough as it was, when most of the swelling had gone down and I was ready for work again my skin looked horrible. My skin was dry, sore and itchy with odd patch of puffiness. Just what I wanted **sarcasm**.Fighting Sensitive Skin

To start my skin back on track to not making me like a tired, ancient, crispy thing I turned to some of my holy grail products. Rhino Repair, Weleda Skin Food, Trilogy everything Balm and Rosehip Oil and Apicare Lip Balm.Rhino Repair was what I used as many times a day as I could when the reaction first started. It helped soothe the itchy, dry feeling and my skin just slurped up all the goodness. I could have bathed in the stuff. I am almost through my second tube of rhino repair and I plan on getting more. Its amazing at keeping the sensitive skin problems at bay, if I feel like my skin is going down hill I slather it on for a few days and I generally don’t end up with a full blown skin problem. I’ve used it on my face and body with no problems.

After a day of two of just Rhino  Repair I added everything balm to the mix. I used this on the particular bad areas, especially round my eyes. This was particularly good with putting make up on top of as it helped diminish the crispy bit for a bit. Everything balm has been good on pimples, sore bits, as a chap-stick and sunburn for me.

I then teamed Skin Food up with the everything balm. Skin food is super thick and really helped my skin spring back from being so dry. It was also beautiful underneath my makeup.I love to use this on my hands and feet normally to help them recover from the abuse I throw at them. I can get quite dry hands, especially after doing the dishes and in winter. This helps soothe that chapped feeling and pumps a whole lot of good stuff into my skin. Rosehip Oil helps my skin spring back to life, I use this after a good face scrubs usually, but it has been a huge help in my skin’s recovery period. I put this on at night and by morning my skin has slurped it all of and feels softer and looks younger and brighter.

During the whole thing Apicare lip balm has been within reach to keep my lips from falling off. This is also really good on normal days to keep my lips in tip top condition and its amazing underneath lipstick even matte. Its very light weight but enduring. You don’t feel like you have anything on but it hangs around to project your lips for ages.

This is not the first time these four products have come to the rescue for me. They also do a great job with my more minor reactions and just keeping on  top of my skin care.

Do you suffer from sensitive skin? What do you use to help your skin recover?

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ Miss T

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