Lush Honey Gift Box

Lush Honey Gift Box

After a recent bout of bad health and then attacked my the horrible sensitive skin allergies I have been spoiling myself with some good skincare products. I stepped into Lush for the first time in a long while on the look for a bath bomb…and then I came out with a heavy bag full of many things…not just for myself, Mr got himself some lovely things too. We might have been back several time though! XD

ANYWAY, on my first adventure into Lush I picked up the Honey Gift box. Honey is an ultimate fave of mine and I thought a gift box was a great way to get a bath bomb and try out a few products while I was at it.

Lush Honey Gift Box

Left to right: Honey I Washed the Kids Shower Gel and Soap (bottom middle), Honey Bee Bath Bomb and Honey Trap Lip Balm.

Honey I washed the Kids Soap
$8.40 per 100g

Honey I washed the Kids soap is just like washing with a hunk of honey toffee. Its amazing and I need more of it in my life. Its so soft and gentle on my skin, my skin has been suffering from an outbreak of eczema and this does not irritate my skin at all, if anything it calms it down and makes it feel better. All the good ingredients in it left my skin feeling hydrated, I even used it on my face with no problems!

Honey Bee Bath Bomb

I really enjoyed the Honey Bee Bath Bomb, it smelt amazing with hints of caramel like Honey I washed the kids. It was amazingly relaxing, but without being overbearing. My skin felt so well loved by the end of my bath, clean and soft. Some bath bombs can be a bit too oily and can make it hard to feel clean afterwards, but Honey Bee was the perfectly balance of clean and softening.

I had hoped for a Instagram worthy bath pic, but the bath bomb turned the water yellow! It looked a lot like I had peed in the bath XD Oh well, I enjoyed my bath none the less and I will be getting more Honey Bee Bath Bombs.

Honey I washed the Kids shower gel
$11.50 per 100g


This is a liquid version of the soap and I adore this even more. I went out and bought a 500g bottle because I love it so much. It is like washing with caramel/honey sauce and really looks after my poor skin while also getting it nice and clean :3

Honey Trap Lip Balm

I didn’t read the label fully until I started to wonder what the honey smell was mixed with, but white chocolate and honey is amazing and the touch of mint just makes it even better. The great mixture of honey and mint to soothe and repair your lips, while also creating a barrier against the harsh weather. Auckland has been plagued with nasty, windy weather and my lips have been in tip top condition thanks to Honey Trap. I love to use this before bed and and it works super well underneath lipstick. Mr ended up getting himself a full size of this lip balm and he really loves it!

I was quite pleased with this gift box. I loved everything in it and it was a great way to try some new products. I believe it is actually slightly cheaper to get the gift box as well, the box is $37.50 and everything with their normal prices is $41.70 if my calculations are correct. It also comes wrapped in a really cool cloth with gold glitter honey comb and bees, you’ll see it in the background of my pics. I would highly recommend all of these products or trying a Lush gift box.

What do you buy to pamper yourself? Do you have any faves from Lush?

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ Miss T

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