Lindo Makeup Removal Cloth

Lindo Makeup Removal Cloth

I was at my local Chemist the other day perving on the lipstick (as you do) and came across the makeup remover cloth.  I had seen a tonne of posts and videos about the makeup eraser and even though this was a different brand I thought I would give it a go. I have been all about the makeup removal process recently, I feel like I have mastered the ability to keep my makeup on all day long, but with longer wearing makeup comes the struggle to get it off. I usually balance my removal between face wipes and my Goodness cleanser, but some days I just don’t feel like it. So the idea of a face cloth I just added water to and wiped it all off sounded amazing.

Lindo Makeup Removing Beauty Cloth

So, its now time for…. DOES THIS THING REALLY WORK?! (did you hear that in Graveyard Girls voice?)

In a word YES!! Like blow your mind yes. I filled the sink with warm water, rinsed the cloth out and then tried my eye makeup first (because we all know this can be the hardest to get off fully). Gently wiping around my eye the cloth removed all of my eye makeup with out scrubbing and within seconds. After cleaning both eyes I did rinse the cloth out and then went for the rest of my face. It took it all off so easily! My skin had no trace of makeup, felt nice and was not irritated my the cloth. It removed liquid lipstick for me, but I am yet to try it on waterproof mascara as I strangely enough do not have any. I instantly wanted to go out and buy like ten more!

Lindo Cloth

The cloth is easy to keep clean, I rinse it our thoroughly after every use and get as much water out of it as possible. It comes with a cute hook you can suction on to your mirror or shower wall. Once a week I throw it in with the towels to have a good clean. It comes out all spotless and ready to go. If you don’t follow instructions like I do, do definitely wash this first before use. I had a small reaction to the cloth at first because I didnt put it through the wash first. I can’t say if it fully was the cloths fault but I just want everyone to be careful with their skin. After one wash in the machine it was perfectly fine and I never had that reaction again.

I love using this cloth! I use it most days and it removes all of my makeup without hurting my skin. I would definitely recommend it. Keep an eye out online or at your local chemist to grab your own.

Have you tried any of the magical makeup remover cloths?

❤ Miss T

5 thoughts on “Lindo Makeup Removal Cloth

  1. I totally agree, I got the exact same one and I’m SO thrilled with the results!!! I really thought it wouldn’t work as well as it said but it really does. 🙂 also saves me a lot of money on makeup wipes.. incredible 🙂 thanks for the article

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