L.A. Girl Inspiring Brow Kit Light

L.A. Girl Inspiring Brow Kit Light

Who would have known that brows would day be so important to me and my makeup routine? XD Once I started filling in my brows, there was no way I could ever stop. I have used different brow products over the years and pomade has been my favourite for a while now, but it was time to lighten the colour I used again. I’m growing out my natural hair colour and it is very light compared to what I once had, so I have been able to try a few different brands and shades while I am trying to get my hair colour settle on one shade. I saw that L.A. Girl had launched their own series of brow kits and thought I would give them a go while I was on the hunt for a new shade. I purchased the lightest kit in the Inspiring Brow Kit series and was quite pleased to see it came with two shades.

L.A. Girl Brow Kit CaseI like the outside of the packaging and the case is quite sturdy, but I do have to admit the foam insert that the pans sit in leave me feeling a little luke warm.

Two shadows, one highlighter shade, and wax. Double ended mini brush for brows and a spooly on the end and a set of mini tweezers. I use my usual eyebrow brush to apply the brow powder and then the supplied little brush to apply the wax, then I comb them using the little spooly supplied. I used the light shade on the bottom left.

The powder applies quite well, I had been using pomade exclusively before trying this and it is a little different, but you can still apply it the same way. I did have a wee bit of fall out, but that was mainly me.

My brows filled in easily and looked good throughout the day. The wax does quite a good job of setting your brows, but they still will come off a little bit if you touch them. So don’t touch them or use a setting spray.

I like using powder to fill my brows in as it is generally a softer look than pomade, but can be built up to be bolder or even as soft as you like. It did take me a bit to learn how to get my usual crisp line, but it was also nice not to accidentally over do my brows and scare my self in the mirror XD

I liked how my brows looked using this palette and the highlighter was a new discovery for me. Would I buy it again? Well first of all there is quite a bit of product and I find I don’t go through brow stuff very quickly so I wouldn’t need to, hopefully I will stay the same brow shade for a wee while. Yeah I would buy it again, it did perform really well once I started to get better at apply brow powder and it is a pretty good price for a full kit.

Next on my list from L.A. Girl’s recent launches are the Line Art Matte Eyeliners!

What have you been using on your brows lately? Are eyebrows important to you?

Have a good one!

❤ Miss T



L.A. Girl Inspiring Brow Kit
– $18.99 NZD
– Available From L.A. Girl USA (US), NZ L.A. Girl (NZ), Love My Makeup (NZ), Beauty Bliss (NZ), Beauty Joint (International), Unichem (NZ)


4 thoughts on “L.A. Girl Inspiring Brow Kit Light

  1. Eyebrows are essential! I bought a MAC brow pencil recently but I swear I’m going to finish it soooo quickly, there’s not a huge amount of product in it.

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