Karen Murrell Lipstick in Orchid Bloom

Karen Murrell Lipstick in Orchid Bloom

Finding a Karen Murrell lipstick on my desk is always such a great surprise. With Winter starting here in New Zealand I expected a Wintery colour, on the darker, possibly berry side, but Orchid Bloom is a Winter pick me up that I did not expect. Karen Murrell describe Orchid Bloom “This mysterious yet alluring new colour, inspired by Karen’s guilty pleasure Slipper Orchids, combines subtle tones of warm coffee brown with a dash of lip-warming blush pink.”KM Orchid Bloom OpenI always like the boxes that Karen Murrell lipsticks coming in, each one has a beautifully designed lady to represent the lipstick. I have kept all of mine ^_^KM Orchid Bloom FrontOrchid Blood makes me feel so glamorous even with the most basic of makeup on.KM Orchid Bloom Lip TooI was a little worried that Orchid Bloom would not look good on me, but I feel like someone made this shade just for me. “Oh Miss T needs a winter nude colour that makes her look like she has just come back from Holiday, here you go” XD I have worn this all week, I keep bringing other lipsticks to work with me, but I always end up wearing this again. No matter what I wear, weather bright colours, patterns or my dark winter woollies it matches my outfit perfectly and makes me look refreshed, polished and dare I even say pretty.

Karen Murrell lipsticks have never let me down on the quality front, all of them are beautiful to apply, they keep my lips well hydrated throughout the day and there is such a great, versatile collection of colours. I would highly recommend them as a great every day lipstick as they are so good for your lips and the colours seemed to be designed for day, night, work, play wear. I am so pleased to have Orchid Bloom in my collection.

Have you tried any of the Karen Murrell lipsticks? Do you have a fave nude that perks you up in Winter?

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ Miss T


Karen Murrell Lipsticks:
– Sent for Review
– Website
– $30.00 NZD
– Full lists of stockists here and available online with international shipping

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