Weleda Cuticle Softener Pen and Nail Care Pen

Weleda Cuticle Softener Pen and Nail Care Pen

My poor poor hands and nails, I have always been horrible at taking care of my nails. Even back when I first started blogging and nail polish was the main thing I blogged about, I didn’t take very good care of them. Work does not help either, they get banged up quite a bit. I was sent the new Weleda Cuticle Sofetner and Nail Care Pen and was quite curious to whether they would help out my poor battered hands. They definitely made it very easy to take with you, they just pop in your hand bag, I even took to leaving them on my work computer, since they are bright red you can’t miss them either.Weleda Nail Care Pens BothCuticle Softener:Weleda Cuticle Brush Close“Softens and helps to gently remove overhanging cuticles. With carefully selected natural ingredients such as organic pomegranate seed oil and calendula flower extract, the Cuticle Softener Pen cares for sensitive cuticles. The unique fragrance of the Weleda Nail Care products also inspires the senses.”

Never ever have I really bothered with cuticles, but I tried. They went from  scraggly all over the show, to looking pretty respectable. I did find the pen hard to use at first, what with me being such a noob, the product was a little hard to get out and I was not too sure on how much I needed to use. The Weleda website had a very helpful guide with pictures on their website that made it so much easier. When you first get the pen or swap out the tip for a fresh one it does take a little bit of time for the product to soak down and be easily spreadable, but once it is you get it moving the perfect amount comes out and you do not have to worry about wasting any. I spread this on and left is for a few minutes and the used the tip to remove(gently!!) the excess cuticle/scraggly that had taken over and used the tip to push back (gently!!) the cuticle.

I was thoroughly impressed with how a good cuticle tidy up instantly improved how my nails looked, my nail beds looked longer and it looked like I actually looked after my nails. It did take a wee bit the first time round, but once a week or as I needed it I used it to keep my cuticles in check.

Nail Care:Weleda Nail Care Brush“Protects and intensively cares for nails and cuticles. The formulation with regenerating organic pomegranate seed oil combined with replenishing shea butter and protective beeswax naturally preserves the beauty of healthy nails. When using this product, a beautiful scent unfolds to inspire the senses.”

This was brilliant,  I really enjoyed using this. When my nails area was really looking bad this was an instant relief and pick me up. I got quite good at putting this on at work when I had an hour to sit at my desk and before I went to bed. It was super easy to use, smelt good, and felt even better. You can use this as many times a day as you like, I only managed once or twice if I was lucky. I would love to buy this again, as I have never had such great instant and long lasting results with something that is so easy to apply as well as not interfere with the use of my hands.

Here is a picture from my Instagram of being proud of my nails:

Weleda also has a hand cream from the same line that looks like it would compliment these two perfectly. Both the cuticle softener and nail care pen make it so easy to look after my nails, I hate having to sit still while everything sets and they both just allow me to tidy up, repair and away I go. Would recommend getting your own to pop in your handbag.

What do you use to look after your nails?

❤ Miss T



Weleda Softener Pen and Nail Care Pen
– Sent for Review
– $19.90 NZD each
– Full list of retailers available here , Spotted at Unichem (NZ) and International Shipping available through website.

One thought on “Weleda Cuticle Softener Pen and Nail Care Pen

  1. I had ugly cuticles because of my lifestyle (hands too often in water) and I thought they will never go away no mater what I do. I was wrong, you just need consistency and patience. And a good cuticle oil or creme. The key is to apply a remedy regularly and results will be visible soon. Also, you can let a professional at nail salon fix your cuticles and you just keep applying the moisturizer from that point. I like cuticle pens and oils packed in nail polish bottle because they are easy to apply and they fit in your handbag easily.

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