Jeffree Star Doll Parts

Jeffree Star Doll Parts

Jeffree Star has been pumping out some amazing products and with the launch this week of his Skin Frosts and Beauty Killer Eyeshadow Palette I thought I should finally get round to sharing one of my favourite shades, Doll Parts (Celebrity Skin is my other one, you can find it here). Doll Parts was originally launched last year as part of the Holiday collection along with: Drug Lord, Androgyny, Mistletoe and Hoe Hoe Hoe. I was lucky enough to pick up Doll Parts and Mistletoe before they completely sold out.

So lets have a good look at Doll Parts.Jeffree Star Doll Parts TubeI didn’t know how much of a hard life this tube got till I took a photo of it. Man my handbag is not easy on my beloved lipstick is it. My apologies for the condition of the tube 😦 Its so pretty and I was lucky to get one of the White top tubes from the Holiday Collection.

Described as a Soft cool toned pink that looks amazing on just about anyone!

The formula is such a dream to put on and wear all day. It lasts even through lunch if I can avoid anything with too much oil in it and with the long hours I put my lipstick through it is always impressive if it lasts all day. There is nothing better than a lipstick that you can put on and forget about.


I sometimes forget how pretty this is until I put it on *happy sigh*

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is quickly becoming one of my favourite brands, their products are gorgeous and long lasting, plus cruelty free and their colour range is to die for. You really gotta love a brand that have green, blue and black as staples in their line :3 There is some amazing looking colours coming out in the next couple of months, if you aren’t already follow Jeffree Star Cosmetics on Instagram for some awesome sneak peeks.

Have you tried any of the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks? What is must have shade?



Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks:
– $18.00 USD
– Available from Cosmic Corner (NZ), (NZ), Jeffree Star Websites (INT)

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