E.L.F. Brush Shampoo and Daily Brush Cleaner

E.L.F. Brush Shampoo and Daily Brush Cleaner

Hello Lovelies!

What have you been up to? I have been cleaning my makeup brushes XD Cleaning my makeup brushes is something that drives me nuts, but is also deeply satisfying. I try and clean my brushes as least once a week, but sometimes fail at even that. I feel like such a horrible monster when I don’t clean them, if I think about it too hard I start to worry about the germs in my brushes T_T While Mr G and I were out and about shopping I spotted a E.L.F. stand at my local Kmart. It has been some time since I had tried anything from E.L.F. and the brush Shampoo and Daily Brush Cleaner really caught my eye. E.L.F. is always brilliant if you want to try something new, because the price tag is always super low.

Let’s see if the Brush Shampoo and Daily Brush Cleaner were any good for their super low price tag.ELF Brush Cleaners

E.L.F. Brush Shampoo:

ELF Brush ShampooThe bottle cost me $10.00 NZD and I am quite impressed with how much is inside. The bottle has to be squeezed for it to come out, it can be a little hard and it may be a problem when the bottle gets towards the bottom. ELF Shampoo SwatchNot much product is needed and it massages in very well into the brush bristles. I used the above amount for my blush brush and foundation, but you could use less for smaller brushes like eye shadow or lip brushes.

Here are my brushes before I shampooed them, I know what a monster I am for keeping them like this T_T

After being shampooed and dried.

The blush brush on the right is still a little bit tinged pink, but it seems to be what it looks after so much use, not matter how many times I clean it. I was super impressed with how easily and with just one wash all the foundation washed out of my foundation brush. I find I usually have to rinse through a few times to get all of it out, but not with the E.L.F. Brush Shampoo, it did a really good job. I also had really good luck washing my other brushes with it, without a trace of product left on them, no matter how long I left them between cleaner (I’m a monster).

Another plus of this product was that it had a relatively pleasant smell to it, it didn’t smell too overpowering nor did it have a strong chemical smell to it. It left my brushes with no left over smell and they felt soft and very clean afterwards, all without taking forever and requiring second rinses.

E.L.F. Daily Brush Cleaner:

ELF Brush SprayIn an attempt to keep my brushes cleaner in between deep washing, E.L.F.’s Daily Brush Cleaner has been my go to. You spray it on to brushes after use, wipe off them off on a paper towel or towel and it should be ready for the next day. It has a nice clean smell, just like the shampoo not too strong and with no over powering chemical smell. This works best as a daily cleaner, as it will not remove a week’s worth of build up. Its really good if you do wanna get rid of some of the excess, but do not want to wait for your brushes to dry. Its not the best brush cleaner spray I have used, but I prefer this over all the others as it does not have a strong chemical smell, if anything it has quite a pleasant smell.

I am trying harder to clean my brushes more often and having good products make it so much easier. The spray is a little harder to remember, so I maybe use it every second day, but it does help with keeping my brushes cleaner and it even boasts keeping them more hygienic, which is always good. The shampoo is great and because I do not need to use it every day it is easier to remember. Saturday seems to be a good brush cleaning day.

What brush cleaners do you use? What do you think of E.L.F. cosmetics?

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ Miss T



E.L.F. Brush Shampoo and Daily Brush Cleaner 
– $10.00 NZD each
– Available from Kmart (NZ), Makeup.co.nz (NZ), Beautyjoint(int), E.L.F. Website (US)

3 thoughts on “E.L.F. Brush Shampoo and Daily Brush Cleaner

  1. I have been using the e.l.f. Brush Shampoo for about 2 years, I’ve found the best way to get the most use is to put it in a foaming pump for hand soap, it makes it so easy to clean my brushes!

    I can’t stand the smell of the spray though, my bottle was way to perfume-y and just didn’t work to remove my makeup.

    1. Ooo thanks for that tip with the shampoo I’ll give that a go! I think I don’t mind the spray smell cause O have had some real nasty smelling ones in the past. Thanks for commenting 🙂

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