Goodness Every Day Cream Cleanser

Goodness Every Day Cream Cleanser

Happy Friday!

How has your week been? I have a product for you that might help freshen up your week, and if not then it will help keep your skin in tip top condition 😉 Today’s post is Goodness Natural Beauty Lab’s Every Day Cream Cleanser. Designed for every day use to remove your makeup, the day’s grime and to help balance out your skin, all without drying it out.

Goodness Everyday Cream CleanserI love wearing makeup, I do a full face pretty much five days a week for work. I’m talking, foundation, contour, blush, lipstick, eyebrows, eye shadow, the full shabang. I enjoy the confidence I get from having my face flawless for the day and love how I get to express my self through the colours. The one draw back to it all, is when I am sitting in bed regretting that I now have to take it all off. Removing makeup can be such a chore and can even irritate my skin. I have been using Micellar water for the last year or so and I also had great success with the Trilogy solid makeup remover. However, sometimes I just need something easy and relatively instant. Don’t worry I have never gone to bed with a full face though, I worry too much about my Egyptian cotton pillow cases XD

So when Goodness Natural Lab’s Everyday Cream Cleanser turned up on my desk I was quite hopeful I had found a quick way to get my makeup off. I am always a little sceptical when a brand says “everyday” about a cleanser as I have super sensitive skin that usually hates been washed too often with a product. The first day I used it I was quite surprise that I could have it on the skin around my eyes, even my eyelashes without any issues (even though it is eye area safe, don’t get it in your eye though :/). After a week of using it I had no irritation and then a month after still none, so I feel it is quite safe to say that I don’t think it will cause me any issues with the frequency of use and it really is super gentle.

Goodness Everyday Cream Cleanser Swatch

But did it take my makeup off? Like witchcraft! I used a good sized dollop, rubbed it in everywhere; include my eyes and eye lids and lips. I looked a little terrifying but I did it and then washed it off with a warm, damp face cloth. Boom no more makeup, none, zip, nada, all gone, including lipstick, lip stains and matte liquid lipsticks. My face cloth looked like a warzone, but it came out in the wash no problem. I even tried using this quickly in the shower without a face cloth, you just have to massage it in a bit more before you wash it off, but works just as well. I am very impressed!

I have had such a great luck with the Goodness Cream Cleanser, no stinging, no irritatio and it removes all of my makeup in one go with no residue or strange smell. All for a very low price and even better because it is found in super markets, you can often get it on special. I have already bought myself another tube, so it is safe to say I will keep using it.

What do you use to remove your makeup?

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ Miss T



Goodness Every Day Cream Cleanser
– Sent for Review
– $19.99 NZD
– Available from Farmers (NZ), Countdown (NZ), The Warehouse (NZ), PrinceLine (AU)

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