March 2016 Round Up

March 2016 Round Up

Good Morning Lovelies,

How was your Easter Holidays? I have been swimming, baking and generally taking it easy. Its that time again! I have had quite a number of products I have been trialing and thought I would roundup some of my faves for you.

Lets take a look at what has been on my face and skin for the last month!

March16 RoundUp

Garnier 5 Second Perfect Blur
– NZ Website
-$18.00 NZD
– Available from Countdown NZ, The Warehouse NZ, Farmers NZ

I grabbed this thinking it would just be an addition to my skincare routine to help improve the look of my skin and hide pores and imperfections. So it does this and really well too, but I use it as a primer as well. So much like Baby Skin Pore Eraser and NYX Pore Filler, this makes a great pore hiding, skin smoothing base for your makeup. I really love how this makes my skin feel after putting it on and my makeup just sits so well on top. I also like to use it without makeup as it makes skin look more matte and brighter.

I will definitely be buying this again!

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub
– NZ Website
-$11.50 NZD
– Available from lush stores and lush online NZ and International

I got this in one of my Christmas boxes from Lush and it took me till now to try it. I was always a little high and mighty about lip scrubs, thinking they were just gimmicky, especially the whole flavours and lick them off. HOWEVER, I tried it and I am sold. What have I been doing with my life up until this point? Like seriously!! You rub it on gently, I wash it off cause I feel a bit weird about eating a scrub with my dead skin in it, but you can lick it off if you want. I licked a little excess off once I had washed most of it off and it tasted nice, like bubblegum. My lips afterwards looked and felt amazing! Not over scrubbed, or sore and the dead skin was gone and they really did look fantastic. I put lip balm on afterwards and for the next few days my lipstick looked flawless on top of gorgeous lips, now I just need to remember to put lip balm on more religiously. I have been doing using this about once or twice a week with no ill effect.

I am very keen to buy some more, Lush has mint and popcorn which I would love to try.

Have you tried any lip scrubs? What did you think of them?

Oasis Beauty The Hydrator Body Lotion
– Sent For Review
– $29.90 NZD
– Full list of retailers available here and International Shipping available through website.

I positively adore body lotion, butters and anything like that, my downfall is my inability to use them regularly. Once upon a time I used to remember to apply this twice a day, but now I’m lucky if I get a few days in a row. When I was sent The Hydrator to review I was of course excited to have a new lotion to try, I did really well about using it for a weeks every day and my skin looked great! However, where this has really worked for me is when I forget to use it, when my skin looks all dusty and dry. When it looks like that I need some emergency TLC I slather on some of this, its fast absorbing, immediately visibly improves look of my skin, smooths skin, reduces the scaly bits and eases itchy bits.  The Hydrator has also been great with helping with skin that has seen too much skin and easing my my legs after shaving. Its also great on my feets!

The Smell of the Hydrator is unique, but pleasant and fades once soaked in. I think it is a mix of Chamomile, Shea butter and avocado that I can smell. I really like it and would not mind buying my own.

Have you got any amazing body lotions that come to the rescue for you?

Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner
– Sent for Review
– $29.90 NZD
– Available at Farmers (NZ), Life Pharmacy (NZ) and Trilogy’s International website

I’m most likely a little overzealous with how much I use of this, but it smells great and feels great on my skin. I have taken to using this after I scrub or use a mask on my face, it helps replenish the moisture that your skin loses after a good scrub. I think of my skin like a raisin and the hydrating mist helping to spring it back to life. I feel like this adds an extra bit of moisture back into my skin without clogging it up.

I really loved using it in the hotter weeks of summer to refresh my skin and to ease the sting of sun burn. I would not use this over top of makeup, especially if you prefer matte makeup or have a few layers as it may reduce the staying power of your makeup.

I would love to purchase this for myself and to have it as a staple in my skin care routine.

Manuka Doctor ApiNourish Age-Defying Eye Cream
– Sent For Review
– $34.95 NZD
– Available at Life Pharmacy (NZ) and Manuka Doctor website(international)

Eye creams seem to be the one product my skincare routine is missing, when this one arrived on my desk a work with the promise of reducing dark circles and fine lines I was pretty sold.   I suffer from dark circles and I feel like I have a butt ton of wrinkles already (I’m sure I don’t really), this eye cream did a great job of adding a bit more life back into the delicate skin under my eyes. I did not expect miracles of course, but it did a really good job. It refreshed under my eyes and makes my makeup less likely to sink into any of the lines or dry bits around my eyes. I personally feel like any of the lines I had are looking better and less prominent. It also helps to get rid of that horrible feeling you get round your eyes when you haven’t had enough sleep. A little goes a long way, I am a bit overzealous so I always end up doing my eyes and Mr Gabby’s too.

What eye creams do you use?

L’Oreal Paris Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara
– NZ Website
– $27.99 NZD
– Countdown (NZ), Farmers (NZ), Life Pharmacy (NZ)


So I’ve learnt my lesson, never buy a mascara based on how many pics you have seen it in. From what I can gather the idea behind this mascara is to give you manga looking eyelashes, which involves clumping some of them together. WHY?! Cause all that I could manage was eight little clumps that were meant to be my lashes. The photo above is super careful application in an attempt to get them not to clump and it ends up looking sparse which is a bit of a bummer. The other eye was not so lucky and just clumped. What am I doing wrong? Does anyone have any tips on how to make this work better?

I also struggled with the brush type, it is conical shaped with the smaller end at the tip and a huge amount of product is all over the brush, which feels as though I have no control over application.

I actually gave up using this mascara. I used it solidly for about four weeks and every time I used it, it made me so mad. Meh! I had seen this everywhere and I am a bit disappointed. I do not want to have to spend forever de-clumping my lashes with a lash comb and the finished look is just a standard mascara look. It does not excite me or make me wanna buy another tube.  If you do have any tips on how to make this work please leave me a comment.


Thanks for stopping by and having a read of some of my fave products from March.

❤ Miss T

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