MAC and Dita Von Teese Lipstick in Von Teese

MAC and Dita Von Teese Lipstick in Von Teese

Good Morning!!!

I have a lipstick I have been dying to share with you today. MAC’s and Dita Von Teese’s Von Teese a beautiful vivid tomato red. I absolutely adore Dita Von Teese so when I heard she was creating a lipstick with MAC I knew I had to get it. From what I can see it is an online exclusive, so I paid for youshop just to make sure I got it. So beware this post have a few more pictures than usual 😉

MAC Von Teese Packaging

Look at that packaging! Nothing super fancy compared to some of the other releases, but exactly what you would expect from Dita :3MAV Von Teese Group Shot

I had to stop from myself from putting it in my drawer to never use and to just pull it out and look at it sometimes. XD I love the signature pressed in to it!MAC Von Teese Up CloseMAC Von Teese Super CoselMAC Von Teese Lip

It is such a fantastic red and even though it is matte it does not cling to all.

MAC Von Teese Face

I loved wearing Von Teese! It looked great and did not bleed, feather or fade. It stayed around all day long without letting me down. It didn’t even dry my lips out. Now I am seriously considering getting myself a second tube XD This is quickly becoming my favourite red lipstick, it looks great during the day and I am pretty sure it would even better at night.

While it is still available think about getting yourself a tube 😉

What is your fave red lipstick?

❤ Miss T



M.A.C. Von Teese Lipstick
– $18.00 USD
– Available from M.A.C. online only

3 thoughts on “MAC and Dita Von Teese Lipstick in Von Teese

  1. I love MAC too, but the only colour I ever owned was Dubbonet which is too dark for me these days! I’ve been using Rockalily, which is hard to get hold of but I love the Mae Hem colour when I have orange hair. It really makes everything make sense on my face somehow!

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