Oasis Beauty – Oasis Sun SPF30

Oasis Beauty – Oasis Sun SPF30


How are you going? I am practically melting in this horrible Auckland heat T_T I thought today would be a good day to share my review of the Oasis Beaut Sunblock; Oasis Sun!

Oasis Beauty have been spoiling me lately as well worrying about my skin in the sun for me. They have sent me Rhino Repair for when my skin is already overcooked from the sun or freaking out, Oasis Sun to keep the bad sun rays at bay and The Hydrator to keep my skin in tip top condition so I am more than happy to show some skin at the beach. Keep an eye out for my review of the The Hydrator, but today I have for you a very in-depth review of Oasis Sun an SPF30 sun block. I wanted to have as much information in this post as possible, because you do not mess around with the sun and your skin. Mr Gabby even helped with this post as leading up the holidays he spent far more time outside than me, oh the life of a Librarian T_T

Oasis Sun 2

So here is some info from Oasis Beauty about the product:
Made for sensitive skin

  • Suitable for face, body and all your assets
  • Non greasy and non whitening
  • Does not stain clothes (no, it does not leave a yellow stain)
  • Can be worn under makeup
  • No colour, fragrance or parabens
  • Non-nano zinc oxide
  • Cruelty free and suitable for vegans
  • Proudly made in New Zealand
  • A brand that’s been trusted for over 10 years
  • AS/NZ Standard 2604:1998, rated High Sun Protection

It also comes in different sizes:

50ml $17.50 NZD – perfect to pop in your hand bag for suprise super sunny days.
250ml $39.90 NZD – Great size for me and Mr Gabby
500ml  $74.90 NZD – Super duper big size for the family and people who spend more time than us outside XDOasis Sun

So as I said Hunk of burning love has been my tester for this for a bit, he has a bit of body hair and tan skin and he works outside and goes for runs in the afternoon. Whereas I work inside and work out inside in a GYM XD I thought he would be able to test it a bit better than me. Don’t worry I do use it too, on my weekend walks especially. Here are some of his comments (paraphrased) from running with the product on:

It doesn’t have that over powering sunblock smell. It doesn’t make him look like a ghost or cling to his arm hair. Comfortable to run in, goes on thinner, but stays on even with a sweat. Runs a little bit when really warm during run, but still all there and in place. Doesn’t feel thick and gross like other sunblocks. Prevented burning during 45 minute runner 🙂 Also my favourite “this is so worth the price, we should get more!”

Thank you Mr Gabby for your help! So when  I came to test I was not putting it through such a harsh test and him, but NZ is known for his harsh and nasty sun so I made sure I reapplied it every few hours and ever hour when in direct sunlight.

It really does on super easy, you do not have to work it in like normal sunblock and if you do have some still sitting on the top it soaks in very quickly with out the horrible ghost effect like other sunblocks. It smells nice and you do not feel as though you are wearing sunblock. I have very sensitive skin and this did not upset it at all. I also wore it on my face without it clogging up everything and I even put makeup on top, just like that said and it looked good!

Oasis Sun is not waterproof, so should not be used when at the beach or pools. It is great though for  day to day use, picnics and walks outside 🙂

We really liked this and will be repurchasing it again, the one thing we wish this product had was a higher SPF rating, especially here for NZ. It would just mean we do not have to reapply it as much when we are at the beach or on a road trip in the blistering sun, but I challenge any sunblock really to battle NZ’s sun.

What is your favourite sunblock?

❤ Miss T



Oasis Sun
– Sent for Review
–  50ml $17.50 NZD, 250ml $39.90 NZD, 500ml  $74.90 NZD
– Full list of retailers available here and International Shipping available through website.

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