Oasis Beauty BB Cream Monroe

Oasis Beauty BB Cream Monroe

Good Morning!

I have an awesome BB cream come foundation to share with you today. For the last few months I have been trialing Oasis Beauty’s BB cream in Monroe and I am so glad I finally can share my review with you. I have had some great success with Oasis Beauty Products so when their BB cream turned up I was so excited.

Oasis describe it as “Oasis BB Cream instantly covers imperfections for a flawless complexion. The natural actives and vitamins work over time to visibly improve the look and feel of your skin. Because it’s natural, you can wear it all day without it blocking pores or being detrimental to your skin health. BB Cream Monroe is best suited to light/medium skin tones and offers full coverage with a matte finish”  – BB Cream Monroe About Page.


There is quite a lot of product in the bottle. I have been using it for three almost four months and there is still almost half a bottle left ^_^ As you use the product the base rises up so you can get as much product as possible out of the bottle!oasisbeautymakeupbeforemidafteredited_zpsouwzqnlm

Left: Just primer on my face
Middle: Just Oasis BB cream
Right: Full face of makeup which includes, concealer, blush, highlighter, bronzer, lipstick, eyebrows, eyeliner and mascara.

It is a medium to full coverage foundation and settles on the skin for a very natural finish. I really liked how it did not cover everything on my face, just helped to even out my skin tone and hide some redness and not so well rested sleeps. Blemishes were dulled, not completely covered, but avoided that horrible “IVE PLASTERED FOUNDATION TO HIDE THIS” look, so you could just ignore them. If I wasn’t careful I could rub a little off on my fingers, but not too much and at the end of the day there was pretty much all of it still on my face and I had to use a wipe or two to get all my makeup off. I really love being able to throw my foundation on and not having to worry about it again.

Oasis promises to help look after your skin with this foundation/BB cream by protecting it from the sun, not clogging pores and actually improving the overall quality of your skin, as well as being great for sensitive skin. How did I find it? Well with my sensitive skin it did not upset anything, my skin felt as though it could breathe while also looking amazing and with the amount of time spent in the sun the last couple of months my face never got sun burnt while I was wearing this. The overall appearance and feel of my skin? I couldn’t say to be honest, as I feel like my skin plays up more based on what I eat not what I put on it. I will keep a closer eye and try and report back later on this.

So would I buy this again? Yes! I love it!

Have you got a foundation you just love? It is a great foundation, especially in the warmer months when you do not want your foundation caked on or to run off. It looks great with low key makeup looks and with super glam looks too. Just all round good.

❤ Miss T


Oasis Beauty Cream BB Monroe
– Sent for Review
-$49.90 NZD
– Full list of retailers available here and International Shipping available through website.


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