Colour Pop Lippie Stixs in Toucan, Fern and Tootsi

Colour Pop Lippie Stixs in Toucan, Fern and Tootsi

Hello Lovelies!

So today I have for you some of the Lippie Stix shades from Colour Pop; Toucan, Fern and Tootsi. My good friend Leona Carolina gave me these for my birthday, I have been so spoilt! :3 I have been wanting to try Colour Pop’s Lippie Stixs since they came out, they have such great colours!

ColourPop LippieStix All Three Full ColourPop LippieStix All Three copy


“Two can tango in this bright pinky red coral in a Matte finish”

Toucan was a picked on a whim, I am not usually a coral type of person, but this looked real pretty. It is a great bold colour, with that real vampy red lipstick look to it, but without being too over the top for day time wear. It wore really well, with only a little top up after lunch needed. I wore a clear lip liner with this one just to be on the safe side as it is a bolder colour, I didn’t really have much movement from it and my lines stayed crisp through out the day.


“Cool-toned violet in a Cream finish, is this shade too fernalicious for you, babe?”

The application of Fern is just perfection, its so opaque and  always get such crisp lines. I had no bleeding with Fern and it stayed on really well throughout the day, it was only at lunch that I had to top it up. I have just dyed my hair pastel purple and this looks so brilliant with it!


“Cool-toned grey beige (“greige”) in a Matte finish, we want to see your Tootsi roll”

MORE NUDE LIPSICK! I am on a nude binge, no lipstick is safe from me now, I need the whole rainbow! Grey beige has been quite big this year, with quite a few brands releasing lipsticks in this spectrum. I was a little nervous that it would make me look like a zombie, but I feel as though I rock it quite well. I think even if it did make me a zombie, my work mates are so use to seeing all colours on me they wouldn’t flinch XD This was a real surprise for me, but I really like the colour and it wears beautifully.

I don’t have a favourite out of these three, I love them all for various reasons! I am so keen to get more Colour Pop Lippie Stixs, at $5.00 USD each I feel as though have a large collection is a real goal XD The shipping to New Zealand is still a little on the steep side for me, but I have a few friends who are always keen to split the shipping.

Have you purchased from Colou Pop before? Do you own any Lippie Stixs?

Have a great day!

❤ Miss T

Colour Pop Lippie Stix:
-$5.00 USD

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