September Round Up

September Round Up


September is over and October is already upon us. I am already receiving emails about Christmas packs and themed products and it is a little sad. where has the year gone to? Oh well at least this means my semester will be over and done with soon XD

This month’s round up is here and very long, I am quite pleased with the track record of these products, they were all wins for me. Lets have a look.

September Round UpeditedOasis Beauty “Straight Up” (Blemish Control Serum)
– Sent for Review
– $39.90 NZD
– Full list of retailers available here and International Shipping available through website.

“Straight Up is mixed to help control oil production and breakouts”

In lasts month’s round up I talked about fighting oil with oil and how strangely it works and here is another product to help with that. I tried using it in the morning, but I still found that I had to wait a little bit before putting my makeup on and sometimes I just don’t have time for that. So I moved to using it at night and the worked perfectly.

My skin looked good after a few weeks of using it regularly and I found that I was less inclined to get blemishes and if I did they did not last long. I would be really interested in giving this a go using the massage oil in and scrub off method to see how it works.

Would I replace this? Yes! I really like that it is created with sensitive skin in mind, but also fights oily skin and fights blemishes. It is not one of the cheaper oils, but the pump means you don’t get too much coming out which means there is not waste, it lasts for ages and you don’t over saturate your skin. I enjoyed the feel of it on my skin and the results it gave me.

Weleda Skin Food:
– Sent for Review
– $13.90 NZD (30ml)
– $22.90 NZD (75ml)
– Full list of retailers available here , Spotted at Unichem (NZ) and International Shipping available through website.

“Weleda Skin Food’s unique formulation combines 100 percent natural (NATRUE certified) skin-rewarding ingredients that have been designed specifically to instantly soothe, restore and protect all skin types with deep nourishment and intensive hydration.”

When this little tube turned up on my desk my first thought was “but what does it do?” and then the lovely people who sent it to me gave me a list of some of the things it did; helps heal slow healing wounds, protect hands from winter, restore dry/sore hands, use as a primer, nail care, skin care. I used it on my hands and feet and it felt really good going on,  I felt my poor dry hands and feet being soothed right away. I usually use this just before I go to bed so I don’t wash or wear it off and I felt as thought my hands and feet looked and felt better the next day. Regular use meant all those dry scaly bits disappeared and my skin looked good, now to just remember to do it regular, I am so bad at remembering.

The cream was really thick so I don’t think you could use it as an all over lotion, but I think it is meant for more spot treatment.

Would I replace this? Yes! It fits well into my hand bag and works so well. I would love one for work and one for home and with the two different sizes there is always the perfect size. I had good results and enjoyed using it!

Manuka Doctor ApiNourish Firm Skin Facial Moisturiser
– Sent fr Review
– $49.95 NZD
– Available at Life Pharmacy (NZ) and Manuka Doctor website (international)

I have been using this for so long that I almost forgot what my skin was like before this. I feel like my skin looks and feels great and has had such huge improvements while using this moisturiser. I use this mainly in the mornings and every other night when I am not using one of my oils, this works really well as it sits underneath my makeup perfectly. It soaks in very quickly and leaves my skin feeling soft and ready for the day. Despite what I have had to eat or the amount of sleep I have had for the last week, my skin doesn’t seem to take as much of a knock while I am using this. I’m currently sitting here feeling my face and I feel as though it feels good! I even think the few lines I have started to get (-_-) are looking better!

Would I replace this? YES! I am going to swim in this!!

MAC False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara
– Sample
– $22.00 USD
– Available from MAC website (US) or MAC in store (International)

Dammit MAC! I made a purchase a month a go and was able to choose a free sample and this was it. Now I need it, I need it so much. It looks great on my lashes, it makes them so dark and full without clumping. It also applies really easy and the brush is just perfect T_T Why did I do this to myself?

Tresemme Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo
– $14.50 NZD
– Available from Countdown (NZ), Life Pharmacy (NZ), Pak N Save (NZ), The Warehouse (NZ) Chemist Warehouse (International)

I have used an older version of Tresemme’s dry shampoo for ages and have always sworn about it, suddenly it became hard to find and now I know why. An even better one came out. For quite a few years now I have been part of that crazy group that tries to wash their hair only two to three times a week. It took a long time before my hair looked any good, but I am never going back. Dry Shampoo was really my savior when I first started out.

I don’t have to use dry shampoo as much any more, but sometimes you just need a bit to help your hair in the morning. Tresemme’s dry shampoo works really well for me, it makes my hair look less greasy and helps give it some volume back. I can get quite oily and lank hair if I am careful so this is best for me. I would not personally use this more than once before washing my hair. I usually use this on day three when I am pushing it out between washes. It does whiten your hair a little bit, even when you brush it out. This doesn’t look too bad if you have lighter hair.

Its really inexpensive and a good product, that is easy to find, I would buy it again.

Maybelline Touch of Light Luminizing Face Glow
– Discontinued
– $8.00 NZD
– No longer available in stores, but you can find it on ebay and makeup clearance stores like

T_T I didn’t know this was discontinued till I fell in love with it. So if you can get your hands on it get a tube or two! Its a really nice subtle, liquid, golden highlighter. It blends in very well and looks best over liquid foundation. I would love to get more, but I think I will just have to live with the two tubes I have XD I can’t be the only one who has fallen in love with something discontinued right?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Miss T

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