Trilogy Make-up Be Gone Cleansing Balm

Trilogy Make-up Be Gone Cleansing Balm


Today I have for you an interesting new product; Trilogy’s Make-up Be Gone Cleansing Balm. Wondering what that is? It’s a solid make-up remover, yup solid! Wanna know how it works? Keep reading 😉

Trilogy Makeup Be Gone

Saaaaay what? Its solid?! Yup and chock full of all sorts of goodness that it can even go near your eyes. Don’t worry it warms up very quickly and spreads across your skin evenly and massages into your skin gently lifting up your day’s worth of make-up.

How do you use it?:
I scooped out about a New Zealand $0.10c coin worth of product and rubbed in between the tips of my fingers to start warming it up. Next I started massaging it in, starting at my nose and working outwards across my cheeks. I did all around my face first, ignoring my eyes and lip area. I usually have on a lot of eye make-up so I wanted to make sure I paid a bit more attention to this area and with enough product. Mr Gabby claimed I looked Furiosa after this XD

I found after working the balm into my eye area my finger tips were also quite black from my liquid eye liner, so I cleaned them off and then rubbed more product into my lips. This makes it sound as though I am using a heap of product, but I am not really just enough to coat the tips of my fingers. I worked out pretty quickly to do my eyes and lips last or else I just smeared eye liner and lipstick everywhere XD

Now you need to wash it off with a warm, damp cloth. Don’t be too startled when all of your make-up transfers over to your face cloth, I found I could just rinse it all out with a bit of soap. Better the cloth than your skin :3

So did it remove all the make-up?:
There was so much confidence in how good this was going to be that I was even sent white towels along with my bundle to dry my face on. Trilogy claims it removes every last bit of make-up so that your white towels stay pristine! So? The first time I tried this I forgot about the bit of foundation I blend down my neck, so I got foundation on my new white towels T_T, but no eye liner! After that I remembered my neck and my towels stayed white. It works really well, you just have to remember where you put your make-up that morning. If you have heavy eye-liner on I would recommend possibly having a second go with the balm just to make sure you get everything.

What did it do to my skin?:
It was so very gently, especially around the eye area. No burning, it didn’t make my eyes run, my skin didn’t feel over cleansed afterwards. If anything it felt very moisturised.

Would I buy it again? Yes, I liked how well it took my make-up off and the end of the day without hurting my skin. It can be a little time consuming, but it makes sure you wash your face. I still use my Micellar Water if I am removing my make-up late at night and want it done quickly.

Have you tried any solid make-up removers before?

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ Miss T

P.s. No white towels were permanently harmed in this writing of this post.

Trilogy Make-Up Be Gone Cleaning Balm
– Sent for Review
– $38.90 NZD
– Available at Farmers (NZ), Life Pharmacy (NZ) and Trilogy’s International website

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