Trilogy Raha Natural Perfume

Trilogy Raha Natural Perfume

Good Afternoon,

I have something a little different for you today. I am sharing with you a perfume. Last year Trilogy released a Limited Edition perfume called Jua to help raise money for 50 Tanzanian woman. So this year they are back again with a new fragrance called Raha.

Trilogy Raha PerfumeRaha means ‘Joy’ is Swahili and the fragrance is meant to evoke a feeling of revitalising rain in the still heat of the day.

  • Top notes: vibrant fresh green galbanum, citrus, bergamot, black pepper
  • Middle notes: blue iris, marine accord, rose, frankincense
  • Base notes: warm vanilla, subtle spice

Trilogy is aiming to raise $30,000NZD from sales of Raha to provide income for 50 Tanzanian woman and support 500 children in their schooling. Not only will $2.00 NZD from every bottle be donated to ‘So They Can’, the sunflower oil used in the perfume is purchased from ‘So They Can’ farms in Tanzania and Trilogy has donated 250 bottles of Raha so that ‘So They Can’ can do their own fundraising.

So what did I think? Smell wise I really liked it. I understood what they meant about the smell of rain on a hot day. It was really refreshing and quite a different smell to what I already had in my perfume collection. I found that it lasted for most of the day, but it is small enough to be popped in your bag so you can top up half way through the day. I also had no irritation with this perfume and I think it being a perfume oil helped 🙂

Raha went on sale yesterday and can be picked up in stores on through trilogy’s website for $24.90 NZD. Remember this Raha is limited edition, so get yours now. I am so amazed at what Trilogy is doing I am buying a bottle of my own.

If you are interested in learning more about the ‘So They Can’ foundation here is their website.

What is your favourite perfume?

❤ MaSucree

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