June Round Up

June Round Up

Good Evening,

How has your weekend been? I have spent mine trying to figure out how to use my new camera. DSLRs involve a lot of homework XD I think I am getting there.

Anyway! Today I wanted to share with you some of the products I was trialling in June. Some of these were products I purchased for myself and some of them were sent to me for reviewing.
June Round Up

Back Row Left to Right:
Dr Lewinn’s Eternal Youth Day and Night Cream, Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Body Cream, Manuka Doctor Radiance Serum.

Front Row Left to Right:
Schwarzkopf Styliste Ultime Souffle, Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow, Revo Lip Balm, Essence Caring Nail Oils and Essence Liquid Ink.

Dr Lewinns Eternal Youth Day and Night Cream:
– $70.00 NZD
– Available at Farmers (NZ)

Thank you Fly Buys! I would never have given this a go otherwise and now I love it! I adore the fact that I can wear this day and night, I am so bad at remembering to to put on face cream let alone multiple products. It goes on easily without needing heaps. Which is good because at about $70.00 NZD you want it to last as long as you can. Would I get it again? *cringes* Yessss, that price makes me cry, but yes I would get it again. I had such good results with it in just a month, my skin was just all round better and happier.

Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Body Cream:
– Sent for review
– $29.90 NZD
– Available at Farmers (NZ), Life Pharmacy (NZ) and Trilogy’s International website

It smells great! It does an amazing job at moisturising and makes my skin feel good. It is reasonably thick, but spreads well. I really liked using it, but I felt like I had to ration it out. It was not a super duper big bottle and it is not the cheapest product to replace at $29.90 NZD. I have other body lotions/creams that do the same thing for less.

I think it does a great job at relieving dry skin brought on by Winter and it is gentle on my sensitive skin. However, it is not something I would commit to buying regularly, maybe just for Winter.

Manuka Doctor ApiRefine Radiance Serum:
– Sent for review
– $35.95 NZD
– Available at Life Pharmacy (NZ) and Manuka Doctor website (international)

It took me a little bit to figure out where to place this in my skincare routine, but after a bit of trial I found it was best as the first thing I put on in the morning. It helps wake your skin up and not look so tired and worn out. It has a pearl through it which helps illuminate your skin. I did notice a difference to my skin appearance after applying it and even after using it every morning for a few weeks my skin just looked better, I also believe (I don’t think it was wishful thinking) my makeup looked better on top of bright looking skin. Would I buy again? Yeah, I wouldn’t mind permanently adding it to my skincare routine. $35.95 NZD is not too bad for a serum and I love how it just perks my whole face up.

Schwarzkopf Styliste Ultîme BIOTIN+ VOLUME Soufflé:
– Sent for review
– $9.99 NZD
– Available at New World (NZ), Life Pharmacy (NZ) and any good department store.

This! This gold! I love this stuff. I have actually been using it for two months and I have barely made a dent in the tin. It does amazing things to my hair! You take a little bit and rub it through, sometimes even just rubbing it through gives makes me hair awesome. Brushing it through means you can style it any way you like and it just stays there. I still add hair spray, because well I live in New Zealand which is just wind all over the show, but without the wind it really just stays there.

My poor hair has been bleached to the points where some parts of it just broke off and this has been so gentle on it. If anything it might have even help nurse my hair back to health. Don’t worry my hair is almost back to normal, no bald spots 😉

Would I buy this again? Hell yes! Its $9.99 NZD each, I am planning on buying a mountain of it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow:
– $33.00 NZD
– Available at Beauty Bay website (international), ABH website (international)

I love the way this makes my eyebrows looks, it is easy to blend out and does not move once it is on. All day you have eyebrows of perfection. I do have one beef with this, despite my love and that is, it dries out sooo quickly. You get this big pot of it and you use hardly any of it, but what does that matter if it all dries up? Mine is at the point where it is not too dry that I can’t use it, but it is making it harder than it needs to be. I really do love this, but every time I open it makes me grumble about the dryness. Would I buy again? -_- yes! It really does amazing things for my eyebrows and I have read a few different ways to breathe life back into it, but honestly fix the drying problem and you would have an amazing product.

Revo Strawberry Lip Balm:
-$7.99 NZD
-Available at Life Pharmacy (NZ), Walgreens (US)

I picked this baby up when my EOS lip balm melted. You can not get EOS easily in NZ, but you can get REVO. I picked it up for about $7.99 NZD at my local chemist. As lip balms go its pretty good. It smells like strawberries (albeit fake ones XD ), it doesn’t come off easily and it helps moisturise my lips. I find that if my lips are falling apart it does do a reasonable amount to relieve them. It is really best at maintaining your lip’s condition rather helping already bad lips.Would I buy again? In a pinch I would, but I am not too bothered, nor am I ever short of lip balm.

Essence Liquid Eyeliner Liquid Ink Waterproof:
-$5.65 NZD
— Available at Farmers (NZ), Price Wise (NZ) and Kosmetik4Less website (international)

I was sooo nervous about trying a proper liquid eyeliner with on of those thin little brushes, I purchased an Essence one because they were inexpensive and if it all went horribly wrong it would not be too bad. What I did not expect was to fall in love with both liquid eyeliner and this product. It made it soooo easy, my winged eyeliner has never looked better!

It is pretty much waterproof, I stabbed myself in the eye (not on purpose) and can tell you it is not tear proof, but that doesn’t happen too often. It also stays around all day long. If I make sure not too put it too close to my inner eye it does not melt down under my eye. I am super impressed and prepared to buy this all the time!

Would I repurchase? Hell to the yes!

Essence Studio Nails Caring Nail Oil:
– $4.50 NZD
– Available at Farmers (NZ), Price Wise (NZ) and Kosmetik4Less website (international)

June was a month full of trying thins, I had also never owned a cuticle oil before, so again thought I would buy an inexpensive one first just in case I did not like it. Again essence surprised me with the quality and when I remember to use it, I like using cuticle oil *puts more on*

It has a great apricot smell and it does not go everywhere like I was worried it might, it is also not too sticky when applied. It has done great things for my poor abused hands and relieves that horrible drying feeling they can get around the nail 🙂 I would buy this again!


June was such a good month and I was introduced to some awesome products. How was your June? Did you try anything new?

Thanks for stopping by, have a good week.

❤ MaSucree

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